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8 Essential Must-Haves for a Great Summer Experience

And it’s officially summer! Welcome to the prickly heat of the sun, the humidity that makes you squirm every time you are outdoors and yes, the faucet of perspiration that automatically switches on throughout the day.

But hey! The bright side of it is that, summer means more time to hit the beach, more tan lines, a long vacation ahead for students, more bonding with the family, more coolers and ice creams to consume, the happy feeling of enjoying the sunshine, and more fun with friends.

So, despite the El Nino phenomenon that our country is currently experiencing, and the discomfort that the season has to offer, just lay down your picnic blanket, sit back, have fun and take advantage of the heat, making this summer the coolest one ever!

But before you go out and bask in the sun, here is a list of essentials that you need to add in your survival stockpile:

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Sunscreen and Sunblock

As the temperature rises, and the heat is getting higher, so is the harmful effects of the UV rays in our skin. Sunscreen is very important as it effectively blocks Vitamin D absorption that can cause sun burns with too much exposure. Studies show that there is a great impact of sunscreens in slowing down the signs of premature ageing and skin cancer.

There is a difference between a sunscreen and a sunblock. According to News Medical "sunblock often appear white on the skin, and reflects the sun's rays, thereby blocking them from reaching your skin; highly effective in protecting against both UVA and UVB rays, the types of UV radiation that cause sunburn and skin cancer. On the other hand, sunscreen are often less visible on the skin, and absorbs rather than reflects ultraviolet (UV) radiation; they usually contain benzophenones, which protect against UVA, and cinnamates and salicylates, which protect against UVB."

Note: Read the instructions on how to apply it especially the time interval because it varies. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of at least 15. People with fair skin or at high risk for skin cancer may want to go higher. The higher a sunscreen's SPF rating, the longer it protects against sun exposure.

And don’t forget to re-apply it when you will stay long outdoors.

Bottle of Water

The more we perspire, the more we need to replenish the liquid we lost. In order to do that—be hydrated at all times. Suggested water intake is 6-7 glasses per day but during summer, if you can add more to alleviate hydration and to prevent heat stroke, the better.

Note: Fruit juices, coolers, shakes and milk teas are okay but make sure to be conscious about the sugar intake and the preservatives. You can also drink carbonated drinks but again be aware of the side effects. Water is still the best to stay hydrated!

Lip Gloss/ Lip Balm

It is one of the advisable must-haves in your summer kit. Humidity can make our lips dry and chapped and our lips lack the ability to keep them moist, so to prevent it from looking dry and dull, you should have with you a lube or bottle of lip balm.

There is a wide array of lip gloss (tinted, moisturizes, exfoliates) that you can choose from.

Be in your widest smiles with moisturized lips the whole of summer!

Your Ever- Dependable Shades

You think that sunglasses were created just as a fashion accessory to look glamorous or hip whenever you go out? Well, think again. Shades and sunglasses were created mainly to protect the eyes from the glares of the sun and other light sources that can bring ocular damage.

We are all aware of the harmful effects posed by UV rays to our skin, but probably not aware that exposure to UV radiation can definitely be harmful to our eyes and can affect our vision as well.

Note: Sunglasses add comfort this summer and at the same time completes your fashion statement. Just read articles about how you can choose the perfect eyeglasses as well as how to take care of them.

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Floppy Hats, Fedoras and Sun Hats

Just like eyeglasses, floppy hats, fedoras, boater hats and all other types of sun hats is not just a fashion staple to look good this summer, but has been designed to protect the face and the hair of the wearer from the damaging effect of the UV rays.

It had been discussed that too much exposure to the sun has an adverse effect to our skin. Not only can it cause sun burn but worse, skin cancer. The added bonus is that, hats definitely protect the hair too, especially if just had a treatment, perm, rebond, or a change with the haircolor.


Do I need to explain more? What’s good about umbrellas now is that there is a vast selection of cute designs to add more fun to your summer. So look for the one that best fits your personality and don’t forget to play with color!

Sleeveless, Light-Weight Shirts and Comfy Shorts

Less is more---that’s the rule of the thumb this summer. Yep, it’s time to hide those sweatshirts, coats and jackets and make room for sleeveless shirts, tank tops, light-weight T-shirts, cottony shirts, shorts, as well as to bring out you favorite flip flops and flats for comfort.

Personally, I love button-downs, plaid-shirts and light-weight colorful shirts with cute designs over shorts for summer.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the designs (from polka dots, stripes, floral, plains or printed).

As for colors, remember dark and warm colors are associated to winter and fall for the summer; it’s time to choose the vibrant palette.

For shorts, you can wear tattered denim shorts, board and cargo shorts (for guys), or stylish knee-length, medium-length, low-rise, and pleated shorts to accentuate your shirts. Again, make sure that the garment is comfortable and breathable and avoid those that are tight-fitting.

NOTE: Please consider the material of the garment and fabric when dressing for comfort. As much as needed, stay away from polyester, wool, suede, leather and latex. Choose those that are cool and absorbent like cotton, linen and rayon 

Comfortable Footwear for Summer

Just like our clothes, make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable when it comes to your footwear this summer. Invest more into materials that are “breathable” and moist absorbent.

There is a wide range of footwear that you can choose from depending on the activity that you will do. Flip flops, open-toed sandals, gladiator flats, slip-ons, mules, loafers and sneakers are great when there’s a lot of walking under the sun.  

High heels and stilettos are okay so long as it is not maddening when you wear it and if you will just stay in the office or inside the establishment. Again, be considerate enough not to compromise comfort over style.

NOTE: Always check if there is a cushion in the soles, if it is too tight in the toes, or the material is too sturdy. Keep your feet happy all day during the warm weather!

These are so far the items that you have to consider in battling the humid weather. Take advantage of the heat and be positive about it. Summer is supposedly a time for relaxation and fun so engage yourself with joyful activities and make memories out of it.

Have a great summer, guys!

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