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Vigan City Is Worth Your Votes for the 7 Wonder Cities of the World

Vigan City 7 Wonder Cities of the World

The Philippines is about to face another milestone of possibly creating a history. One of the cities in the country had been chosen to compete for the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World. Vigan City of Ilocos Sur is one of the 21 finalists for the title that include the cities of Bangkok, Barcelona, Beirut, Chicago, Doha, Durban, Havana, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, La Paz, London, Mendoza, Mexico City, Mumbai, Perth, Quito, Reykjavik, Saint Petersburg, Seoul and Shenzhen.

For those people who have not been into the City of Vigan, well these are the reasons why you should think of visiting the place. These can also be the grounds why the city had made it to take its chance of being known from all over the world. Let’s us then take a peak on the wonders that Vigan City can offer.

Reasons Why You Should Vote Vigan City as one of the 7 Wonder Cities of the World

1.       Vigan City is definitely a part of the Philippine history. The first major revolt against the Spaniards was held in Vigan founded by Diego Silang when he noticed that Filipinos are being deprived of their rights.

2.       Vigan is famous for ancestral houses. As time passed by, they were transformed into museums so people will know more about what had happened in the early times of the Philippines.

3.       The cuisine in Vigan is something that Philippines can be proud of. They have the Vigan longganisa, bagnet, chichacorn, empanada, pipian, poque-poque, igado, and the cocoa tablets also called the tableya, used for making hot chocolate and champorado.

4.       People in Vigan are also gifted with creative minds where they apply their ideas for making burnays, a traditional jar made up of clay which is commonly used for fermenting bagoong and sugarcane wine. On the other hand, women are good in weaving stylish fabrics.

5.       You should not miss visiting Calle Crisologo in Vigan City that can provide you a soothing feeling away from the hustle and bustle of life.

6.       Vigan City will also make you realize the value of faith and devotion. The city still performs religious practices despite of the continuous modernization.

7.       The agricultural crops in Vigan City are also remarkable. People cook their foods using crops that they harvest from their farms.

Knowing all these facts will for sure tell you why Vigan City deserves to be one of the 7 Wonder Cities of the World so vote for it!

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