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Traffic Violation Is A Violation With Consequences, Not Of Dodging Police Calling Card For A Pass

2013 FHM Model Alyzza Agustin is now under MMDA probing as her post for a recent traffic/vehicle coding violation cum “Please Assist Privilege Scandal” in her Facebook account went viral that once again raged netizens.

Her post read: “Nahuli nanaman ako dahil coding but because of you Boss Alex wala ng huli huli. Thank you so much sa napaka useful mong card with matching dedication pa #happykid”.

Translated: “I was caught yet again beating the vehicle number coding ordinance [of Metro Manila], but because of Boss Alex, I didn’t need to worry about being caught. Thank you so much for your very useful card with matching dedication!” #happykid

fhm model alyzza agustin dodging mmda traffic violation using pnp calling card
photo courtesy of (screen grabbed from Ms. Agustin's Facebook account)

The viral post was accompanied by her bragging pictures of Ignacio’s business card (flashing both sides of it) with his signature and a written request of assistance on the back that says, “PLS ASSIST MY EA, ALYZZA AGUSTIN.”

Well, she is not a happy kid anymore as Philippine National Police Director for Plans Alexander Ignacio, who is currently in Malaysia for an ASEAN police conference just recently denied about personally knowing the said model and categorically having any connections to her.

“First of all, I categorically deny that I personally know Alyzza Agustin, who claimed that she used my business card to avoid getting a traffic citation," Ignacio said in a statement on Tuesday according to ABS-CBN news.

He pinpointed that he is a Chief Superintendent (1 star rank) and not a director (2 stars) and that she is not his Executive Assistant and there is no such position in his office.

He was indignant being dragged on the said traffic violation scandal stating that "I will not tolerate the use of my business card, the facilities of my office or the privileges of my rank for unlawful purposes.”

Motorists in Metro Manila are experiencing strict compliance against “vehicle reduction schemes” and privileges by flashing a police official's calling card to skirt traffic violations should be strictly prohibited. MMDA is expected to be fair to the scope of the policy and shouldn’t have any special treatment for some people who incurred violations with connections to police and even military officials.

MMDA, however, assured the motorists that “no one should be spared when it comes to traffic violations”. And that Agustin will be liable for skirting several traffic violations.

After the viral network-sharing, the photo has been taken down and Agustin’s Facebook account was deactivated.

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