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When Is Selfie Too Much To Take?

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The word “overshare” was just recently added in the English vocabulary which means to disclose too much (personal information) or too many (details) about oneself.

Too much selfies or self-portraits being uploaded can be attributed as one of the overshared personal information through social networking that can harm you more than help you and sadly, a lot of people aren't aware of its dangers.

Too much individual information is revealed. You could be taking a selfie while dining out or have a selfie when you are having your hair done. There is a selfie before going out or selfie before going to sleep. And so much more. Too many  selfies reveal too much information about your personality and your daily routine which can encourage stalkers that might harm or hurt you. And the fact that the posts are up-to-date, criminals can easily track you down without you knowing it.

Where is your Privacy? The downside of social networking? It gives us too much freedom that we can post whatever we want to post to the extent that we are forgetting to keep some personal stuff for us alone to see. You will see selfies taken in their bedroom, in the bathroom, the color of their nails, how they brush their teeth, and so on. Your personal life is not really something that you have to drag to the public just for numerous likes. Social networking empowers people to have a larger-than-life and attention-seeking attitude rather than prioritizing more important aspects of life like family, relationship, God, work and privacy.

When it is dangerous than its worth. Risking your life done in the name of fun isn't really smart at all. You might have seen several in the news where a Polish couple with their children fell in the cliff when attempting to take a selfie, or a man who shot himself when he  was  toying a  gun (which he  didn't know  was  loaded) when taking a selfie  while drunk, or a woman who is  uploading her selfie and updating her post while driving ending up in a head-on collision, instantly killing her. These and more are just examples of so eager to “share” the world what one is up to but not realizing the danger that awaits.

                Yes, we have the freedom to do what we like, but we just have to be responsible and mindful of the consequences of our actions. In the end, to tell you honestly, life is way more exciting and exhilarating than your selfies.

Jessie Dericto, 28 years old is a Freelance Writer, Blogger,  Virtual Assistant and a nursing mom. If she is not doing anything, she either spends time with her family or doing something artsy.

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