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Top Actors Who had Frontal Nudity on Screen

            Nudity is something that most people are not comfortable to discuss, much more to see.  If you are adverse with it, the only nude person that you can dare see is yourself to say it exaggeratedly.  Thus, unless you are viewing an X rated or NC 17 movie, you will not see frontal nudities among actors, especially popular ones.  However, with millions of movies already produced throughout history, you can find some of these movies which featured famous actors in the raw. 

           The first American movie which contained first full frontal nudity was “Inspiration.” However, the movie used the theme about nude models to rationalize nudity. The first well known screen performer to appear full Monty on screen was Jayne Mansfield in the movie “Promises Promises.” In fact an accompanying Playboy magazine feature was published to celebrate the milestone.
          From Jayne Mansfield, a lot of actors did frontal nudity which believed to be for “art’s sake.”  The movie “Blow Up” was the first movie released by a major motion picture company that had nudity.  During this era, the fifties and the sixties, nudity was found in movies by virtue of justifiable reasons.  Thus, you have nude Adam and Eve in the movie “The Bible: In The Beginning.” 

          However, there were movies which were able to show nudity and escape censors attention because of the importance of such scene.  In the movie “Women In Love,” moviegoers feasted on a scene where Oliver Reed and Alan Bates wrestled in the raw.  Tom Berrenger showed his family jewels in the movie “At Play in the Field of the Lords” and being nude was necessary because the character wants to immerse as one of the natives.

          In some cases, nudity was ignored although appreciated but the total impact of the movie leaves everyone astounded.  Male viewers were nervous after watching “Fatal Attraction” and not aroused seeing Glenn Close in the nude. The ice pick murder was also talked about other than Sharon Stone crossing her legs while being interrogated in the movie ”Basic Instinct.”  Nobody remembers a nude Madonna because the movie “Body of Evidence” was really bad. 

          Some actors or actresses were claiming tasteful nudity as opposed to blatant nudity as the reason why they went nude in movies.  Take for example, Selma Hayek in the movie “Ask The Dust,” where she claimed that it was vital to the story.  Brooke Shields appeared nude at a tender age and was highly controversial yet the issue stood the test of time as the theme of the movie was relevant to nudity. 

          Nudity in movies appears to be sexist.  Female nudity is more recognized when compared with male nudities.  In the movie “Blow Fish,” moviegoers expected lots of Kim Basinger in the nude yet they saw Bruce Willis with an aroused penis.  When you search the Internet for “actors who went nude in movies” you will be treated with articles titled “female celebs in the raw” for example.  I guess a nude female is better to look at than a nude male as my conclusion.

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