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To be in a Fellowship with the Believers

                 I love the saying “No man is an island.” I grew up with that passage. Yes, man cannot live alone. He always needs someone for a support group and the greatest source is God.

                As Christians, aside from establishing a deeper relationship with the Lord, attending the service every Sunday and regularly reading the Bible, one of the most important factors for spiritual growth is to be with the fellow believers. We call it fellowship.

                Fellowship by its definition “a friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests." Well yes, eating out with friends, movie dates, coffee breaks, etc. are examples of fellowship yet they are mundane, worldly. What is honorable to God is to commit to the biblical concept instead of fellowship. Jesus Christ is the best example who is so passionate about fellowship through breaking of bread and prayers with the apostles.

fellowship with believers
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                The Bible says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them,Matthew 18:20.  Being with fellow believers empowers you the more to live life victoriously, away from darkness. Furthermore in 2 Corinthians 6:14 it says, “Do not be yoked with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have in darkness? “

I learned this when I started attending fellowship that “if a piece of burning coal is removed from the fire, it will cool off. If it is put back in the middle of the pile, it will burn again.”

Being in a group with brothers or sisters in faith enables you to support each other emotionally and grow spiritually to inspire one another; be bonded in unity and in Christ. It keeps the fire burning.

Fellowship is a celebration of different personalities yet of the same passion and interests, being God as the center. It aims to motivate, encourage, sharing lives, and magnifying God and Jesus Christ’s sacrifices for our redemption. It is a perfect opportunity to lay each other’s current problems, failures, infirmities and to pray for one another’s strength for overcoming trials and to remind each other about letting the Word of God to settle in any manner or situation.

I encourage you then to be in a circle of fellow believers for spiritual growth. Man excels in a group, yet man is more excellent with a group that conforms and abides to the law and will of the Lord.

Jessie Dericto, 28 years old is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Virtual Assistant and a nursing mom. She is also into fashion, photography, painting, and sketching. She loves sensible talks, long walks, and activities that enrich the mind and soul.


  1. amen..purihin ang panginoong Diyos..happy church day everyone.. have a Godly one..

  2. To God be glory.I pray for the Lord to bless you and your household!thanks for the comment:)


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