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Do-It-Yourself Mobile Spa Treatments

Mobile spa treatments are expensive and will definitely hurt your pockets if you want it periodically.  There’s no need to worry as you can indulge some of the most common and popular spa treatments right in the four corners of your homes.  While doing it yourself may not offer the same comfort and even quality of service compared with those provided by regular or mobile spa establishments, there are certain benefits you gain which you won’t get from the usual spa facilities:

Do-It-Yourself Mobile Spa Treatments
Exfoliation Treatment

Did you know that one of the most popular ingredients in exfoliation is pineapple?  Because of its natural acid content, it helps reduce skin problems like warts and flakes.  And, you can get regular exfoliation treatment as often as you want right in your homes. Just buy one regular sized pineapple and reserve the peel. When taking a bath, rub the pineapple peel (the flesh portion of course) in your body thoroughly and once done, rinse and apply your favourite soap to get rid of the slime that remains on your body. You cannot drink the remaining exfoliating formula you pay for in a spa facility but at home, you can eat the fruit flesh which provides you a good portion of natural fiber which is good for health and digestion.  

Milk Treatment

A simple do it yourself formula involving this kind of spa treatment is just pouring in evaporated milk in your bath tub; at least two liters will do. It might cost the same as what you spend in usual spa facilities but nothing beats relaxation and dipping yourself in your personal bath tub.  And one thing is sure; you know that you are submerging your body with real milk unlike at some spa establishments where they add extenders in order for the formula to look like real milk.

Massage Treatment

Massage or touch is free when you do it at home.  You may ask your husband, wife, or romantic partners to learn about massage but in reality, a simple rub and touch all over your body can be very relaxing.  What you need to have are the right scents that will make relaxation complete and get rid of stress.  And, you will never know what happens next after the message which spa attendants cannot provide for you. 

Facial Treatments

Some say that it is a waste of money to pay expensive facial treatments when your kitchen has all the ingredients that you need if you want natural face treatments.  Check if you have oatmeal, milk, eggs, avocado, papaya, yogurt, and sea salts.  These are the most popular ingredients for natural facial solutions.  Just search the Internet and learn tricks on how to combat signs of aging naturally. 

Even if you know these do it yourself spa treatments, there are still situations when you need to engage mobile spa treatments coming from reputable spa establishments; you are just too busy to do it yourself or you just get tired just thinking of the mess you need to clean up when you do it yourself. 

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