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Cignal Digital TV: Application, Good and Bad Points

Applying for Cignal Digital TV in Metro Manila is easy. Just contact Cignal via email, text, or phone to express your interest in their service. You may also get in touch with local authorized resellers, which is how we applied. The satellite dish and the digibox will be installed within a few days after your application is approved with a minimal fee of Php1580. The amount is comparatively lower than other competing providers. This already includes your first month’s fee. You will just need to wait about 24 hours upon installation for the activation of your services. Afterwards, you can watch all you want.

cignal digital tv
the first screen upon boot up

As for the good and bad points, see details below.

Good Points

·         Easy application process
·         Fast installation (about an hour or so to install everything)
·         Minimal fee (Php1580 only as mentioned earlier)
·         Prepaid and postpaid plans available (call Cignal for details)
·         More affordable rates
·         Smooth upgrade transition from one level to another
·         HD channels included (its cinematic experience comes to life!)
·         Readily available customer service which responds to you whichever means you use to contact them (email, text, and call)

Bad Points

·         Service is interrupted during heavy rain (bummer!); if you call for technical assistance due to this, you will immediately hear an audio recording asking you to powercycle the box for about 15 minutes

The good points outweigh the bad points though so all in all, Cignal Digital TV is superb. No wonder why 4 out of 5 new applications are with this company these days. 

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