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A Few Tips When Availing of PLDT Internet and Landline Bundle

I’ve read countless complaints about PLDT’s service which I’m sure maybe valid such as slow connection speed during maintenance, outages which affect Internet or landline and even both at random times, and a customer service that’s not customer oriented most of the time because it’s a challenge to get a live agent when calling. However, despite issues, there are similarly numerous benefits attached to their service.

pldt home dsl high speed plans
high speed Internet plans as per PLDT Home DSL page

Personal Experience

Personally, the issues I’ve enumerated above are rather isolated and there haven’t been all too many outages since we subscribed to their service. The connection had been slow due to numerous devices connected to the Wi-Fi and LAN at once when the speed was the lowest 512kpbs only (although it's advertised at 1mbps :). I didn’t have to call the hotline a lot as well. Anyway, no service is perfect, that’s for sure.

Going back to what this write up is all about though; here are practical tips when you’re availing of PLDT’s Internet and Landline Bundle for the first time or upgrading:


Know the features you are subscribed to. Some freebies are allowed usage for free but only for the first three months of trial or so. Some of which include caller ID, call forwarding, etc. If you no longer wish to subscribe, make sure to communicate your request by contacting support. Otherwise, you’d forever be billed for add ons you don’t need or want.

Internet Speed

Choose the Internet speed according to your needs. There was only one computer and user at the beginning, hence, 512kbps was sufficient. But with additional work computers and mobile gadgets from other family members included, an upgrade was really necessary for us. Besides, the fee difference from the supposedly cheapest rate to the next level was remarkably not too expensive too. It was 990 for 512kbps and going up to 2 mbps (tested on speed test) for just about 300 pesos more. The upgrade was processed fast too and the new speed plan took effect after about a week (3-5 business days) upon approval.


There are more amazing Internet speed offers I’ve seen through a hand out, if only I have a need for them. :D You can search them online too. This way, you can compare several options before settling for one or upgrading. The high-speed plans offer optimal speed options but doesn't include landline bills yet. 

These are just a few tips when availing of PLDT’s Internet and landline bundle. Hope it helps. 

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