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What’s New Baguio?

It’s summer but I’m not Olaf the living snowman who would even sing in glee with anticipation for this season of the year. Anyway, I still wanna welcome summer with dripping sweat all over. :D

And when we think of summer in the Philippines, it’s almost always synonymous with the city of Pines, Baguio; hence it’s dubbed as the summer capital of the country. But what’s new other than the cold weather? Here are what’s new, at least to me. 

Hotel 45 near SM Baguio

Here's a view from one of the floors at Hotel 45 near SM Baguio. 

Starbucks in Session Road

Some letters fell off the camera's reach but yes, it's Starbucks in Session Road. 


Session Delights, a favorite along Session Road for ice cream (I know, it's already cold right?) is now called Streamline. 

But nothing is complete without the usual Baguio landmarks and popular places such as these: 

The Lion's Head

The Lion's Head greets you while ascending at Kennon Road

Wright Park

Wright Park

Guess where this is? It's a popular dining place you can drop by to on the way to Mines View. Too bad, the owner's Chao Chao is nowhere in sight at that time.

That same restaurant above and below.

50's Diner

I'll end the post with a hearty luncheon from 50's Diner. :D 

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