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Good Shepherd and Mountain Maid Pasalubong Products

A trip to Baguio City is never complete without bringing home native products as pasalubong from the city. And when we talk about local delicacies; strawberry and ube jam, peanut brittle, lengua de gato, rice crispies, choco flakes, and more are sure to be included in your bucket of food delights to bring along probably even in bulky boxes for everyone you know to feast on.

Good Shepherd and Mountain Maid

Speaking of such sweets, Good Shepherd and Mountain Maid brands should be familiar names. Their brand is slightly more expensive than others but every penny will be worth it. You won’t be disappointed once you’ve had a taste of their products. For one, no other name can beat their ube jam.

Good Shepherd is actually a convent of the Good Shepherd Sisters. Mountain Maid (MMTC) is their training center where delectably delightful products are processed. MMTC and Good Shepherd even has a foundation sponsoring selected youth to school so every purchase you make goes to charity and goodwill.

Good Shepherd and Mountain Maid are located at Gibraltar Road (close to Mine’s View).

Mine’s View

But as always, I'd like to end the post with scenic scenery such as the photos below taken beside the Mountain Maid Training Center, to the building's right side. 

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