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Planning a Puerto Galera Trip: Travel, Lodging, Food, and other Details

Sometimes referred to as the ‘poor man’s Boracay,’ the beaches of Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro offers the same white sand and busy beach front but at a lesser cost than Aklan’s pride. Well, not unless your neighbors with Caticlan and wouldn’t need to board a plane to the island. :)


port of batangas parking area
Port of Batangas

park your car and sail 
Puerto Galera is just about 3 hours away from Metro Manila (err… longer depending on traffic) with 2 hours driving to Batangas (if you’re a fan of express ways - SLEX and Star Tollways) and more than an hour by boat from the Batangas port. You can safely leave your vehicle at the care of paid parking areas like Park and Sail inside the port or through nearby businesses offering this service. Lastly, you'd ride a boat towards the beach. Smaller boats are naturally cheaper than larger ferries. Other than the usually Php500 two-way boat ride to the beach, you should also prepare funds for various fees like the terminal fee and even an environment fee.

one of the terminals, boats, and inside a boat


Accommodation is cheaper if you scour the place for cheap rented rooms in homes of local residents as well as other buildings located farther from the beach front. You’d save thousands if you bring your own tent and camp at a designated area within the beach. I’ve even seen local fisher folks who brought their own boats to enjoy the beach and camped at their makeshift beds inside the parked boats at night.


the only gourmet coffee available 
Bars and restaurants are plenty along the beach line but you won’t find popular brands unlike in Boracay. Most are locally owned business establishments. Most offer grilled dishes like seafood, meat, and eggplants. There’s also an abundance of itlog na maalat or what foreigners prefer to call red egg with tomatoes. If you drink, make sure to try Mindoro Sling. It’s a mix of Tanduay rhum, mango puree, and grenadine syrup specifically concocted for Puerto Galera. Plus, bekis are everywhere particularly in restos and bars. :)

Like lodging, it will save you money to dine at food places farther from the beach. You can also cook your own meal by purchasing ingredients at a community within the beach’s proximity or through the town proper. The town is accessible via rented motorcycles, tricycles, and jeepneys. You’d be lucky if a jeep passes by because motorcycles are a bit expensive. The same applies to tricycles that are hired for a single trip but you pay only Php25 a ride for tricycles that are already on their way to town with other passengers.

Mindoro Sling
Mindoro Sling


Other than swimming, pigging out, drinking, and partying at night, you can also enjoy activities like diving, banana boat ride, Jet Ski, para-sailing, rock climbing, and more. There’s an interesting beach (Tamaraw) you can check out too. It’s hidden by rocks on the far left side of the beach which offers more privacy. Be careful when crossing over through those rocks though, they’re slippery. The floating restaurant Liki Tiki is an eye catcher as well.

I made this... not! :)

As for me, it’s the photo opportunity I enjoyed the most. You’ll fall in love with the scenic spots to capture on film in this paradise.

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