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Cool Down through 3 Cool Features of Manila Ocean Park

Here’s another cool idea to cool down this summer: drop by Manila Ocean Park for 3 cool features available in the theme park.

Trails to Antartica

manila ocean park trails to antartica

Other than the AC, this section’s temperature is kept low due to penguins housed in a glass covered mock home with literally ice all over. You can request to feed the penguins inside with an additional fee on top of your ticket.

Snow Village

manila ocean park snow village

It’s freezing cold inside that the jackets they have provided won’t be sufficient against the cold. Personally, I can only tolerate staying inside for a few minutes of photo opportunity.

Penguin Talk Show

manila ocean park penguin talk show

It’s better to watch the show before heading over to the makeshift Antartica’s location. The program features an adorable animated penguin ala standup comedian. Kids will love the interaction with it.

After exiting from the mini-Antartica, you can also take advantage of the windy breeze coming from the Manila bay harbor nearby. Watch birds flying in formations and hear gigantic ships bellowing from afar. Luckily, these 3 attractions are included in one ticket option. 

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