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Star City in Pasay City: No Rides for Me

Star City in Pasay City, Philippines can be one of the few amusement parks where you can enter and pay for the entrance fee alone yet still enjoy the sights without having to ride any. I for one can attest to that. There were no rides for me and yet it was still fun.

I’ve never been thrilled by rides even during childhood. I often tag along with friends and neighbors during our town fiesta’s mini-carnival not for the rides but for games like ABC and even money betting games that are no longer allowed recently. I even passed for a high school field trip to Boom na Boom because I know I won’t bother boarding any ride and just waste the fee. So it was convenient that Star City allowed an entrance fee paid pass with no inclusion of payments for rides.

I did say it was still fun because of the food and the sights. We even saw Ms. Silvia Sanchez (with her husband and a company of other family members most likely) at the cashier. I also dipped my feet for the fish spa section. But above all, the sight of other people screaming at the top of their lungs for rides was enjoyable. It’s as if I felt how thrilling it was even if I was merely looking.

Here is a video of some images I took while inside the Star City premises:

More information including rides & attraction, rates or prices, packages, hours of operation, direction, and other features are available on their official website 

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