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Zark’s Burger: Big, Bad, and Challenging

I survived the Zark’s Burger Tombstone and Jawbreaker Challenge! … In my dreams… ! O_o

Tombstone and Jawbreaker Challenge

How about you? Are you up for the challenge of mouthing jaw breaking big and bad burgers? Just finish your burger meal within a limited time period (5 minutes) and the meal is free. But mind you, there are only a few chosen ones who got to win the challenge and their trophy photos are plastered on the wall. Also, the burgers offered are really big and not your ordinary fast food burger. I’d say their triple the size of even a Big Mac. The Jawbreaker burger for one is 5 inches in height, 4 inches in width, 1.5 lbs. in weight, and with calories no one would care about. :D 

Big and Bad Burgers

zark's burger

the new three types of bacon burger

the new bacon covered burger 

zark's burger

If you can’t beat the clock, don’t worry, the meal is still worth it. Whichever burger you order, expect big and bad ones. So just a tip, eat the patties first and set aside the buns. If you consume the burger along with the buns, you’d get full faster and won’t even finish the plate. So it’s best to begin with the meat then followed by veggies. You might not even clean your entire plate though, not unless you’re really hungry and skipped meals to prepare for Zark’s.

fries with bacon bits


Ambiance and Service

Inside, it’s cozy with a minimalist, modern look. There’s also a youthful and collegiate feel within the restaurant, at least for the B.F. Homes Parañaque branch. Service is also great with a justifiable serving time. 


Zark’s Burger is located at 2464 Archer’s Nook, Taft Ave., Manila (infront of La Salle and within the same building where Yellow Cab is located). A branch is also located in B.F. Homes, Parañaque at the 35 J32S bldg., 2nd flr. (infront of Shawarma Shack Center)


If you love big burgers, then this is the place for you! 

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