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King Sized Crabs and More at King Crab House

Expect the unexpected so they say and no one would even expect that in an almost unnoticeable area in Parañaque stands a crab lovers delight, the King Crab House restaurant.

king crab house

If you love crabs, you will definitely enjoy servings of king sized crabs in this restaurant. You can call it ‘crabs unlimited’ due to numerous dishes where crabs are served in different flavors or sauces. The resto also offers other seafood dishes including prawn, squid, fish, chicken, pork, beef, frog legs (quite exotic but is actually a typical Chinese cuisine) soup, noodles, vegetables, bean curd, rice, and more. A complete unofficial menu is available through MunchPunch. Do take note that price listings are per 100g and a king sized crab is often almost half a kilo. 

Other than big servings, a crab dish in this restaurant is also sumptuous along with the sauce. You might end up dipping crab meat in the sauce for every bite and lick your plate empty. O_o Just don’t order rice though. The crab serving is more than enough to fill your stomach, unless you have an enormous appetite. ^_^


Nope. It's not soup but it's tea with calamansi where you're supposed to wash your fingers after licking your crabs, seafood, or any other finger-licking good meal at the restaurant. Not only does it wash your hands, it also effectively removes the smell of food lingering on your fingers. 


King Crab House is located in Ninoy Aquino Ave., Sto. Nino, Parañaque. You won’t miss it on the right side of the road if you’re on the way to the airport from Sucat. It’s situated in an unlikely building though. 

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