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The Voice of the Philippines 3rd Live Show Results

It’s the 3rd live show for the Voice of the Philippines and the results are in! But before that, here’s a review of last week’s episode: The Voice of the Philippines 2nd Live Show Results.

The Voice of the Philippines
the top 24, slashed to 16 last week, now down to 12 tonight
16 contestants remain and 8 performed tonight. 2 represented each team. 

Performances and Comments

Team Sarah
Morissette Amon vs. Maki Ricafort
Morissette is indeed a total package.
Maki performing with a guitar instead of simply belting out is quite risky.

Team Lea
Darryl Shy vs. Mitoy
Darryl is in trouble against Mitoy, particularly on votes. Even the live audience loves his powerful voice. 

Team Bamboo
Lee Grane vs. Paolo Onessa
There’s not much from this team tonight ;( so I’ll just wish that judge Bamboo’s favorite team member be eliminated. Guess who she is? *wink*

Team Apl
Penelope Matanguihan vs. Thor Dulay
Both of them have an amazing voice. Hats off for this team tonight!

By the way, you can watch the episodes live every weekend through There are no commercial breaks and the video player simply pauses until airtime is resumed.

Ms. Patti Austin performed with Ms. Lea Salonga after all contestants had performed. 

Voting results will be based on combined text and online votes from viewers (50%) and from the judges (also 50%).

Now… for the results… 

Coach's save

Sarah gave Morissette 60% and Maki 40%
Lea's scoreboard: Mitoy 60% and Darryl 40%
Bamboo gave Paolo the 60% and only 40% to Lee (Wow! That should end intrigues about who Bamboo's favorite is :) 
Apl's 55% goes to Thor and 45% to Penelope (his scoring is different from the rest) 

Viewer's Votes and Total Score

For team Sarah, Morissette advances with a total score of 110.4 with 50.41% from the audience. Maki got 49.59% from viewer's votes and a total of 89.59 points.

For team Lea, with a total score of 104.11 points yet only 44.11% from the audience, Mitoy wins over Darryl despite his higher 55.89% from the public votes with a total score of 95.89 in a close fight. 

For camp Kawayan, Paolo got a whopping 141.24 points with 81.24% from the public, whereas, Lee only got 18.76% from the audience with a total of 58.76 points in a landslide win for Paolo. 

For team Apl, Thor earned 119.72 points with 64.72% from the audience while Penelope received 35.28% from public votes for a total of 80.28 points. 

So Morissette, Mitoy, Paolo, and Thor moves on in the competition but we say thank you very much to Maki (felt bad), Darryl, Lee (rejoice?), and Penelope. 

Next Week 

Next week, 8 more contestants from the top 16 will perform for the 4th live shows. 

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