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Manang’s Chicken Review

Who would have thought that a home’s manang (a term of respect or endearment for a household help) will become an inspiration for a restaurant? Well, that’s the story of Manang’s Chicken. There famous recipe was based from that of the restaurant owner’s family cook.

manang's chicken
the story behind Manang's Chicken
B.F. Paranaque branch
You too will love their distinct chicken recipe. It isn’t the usual crispy fried fast food type; although the ambiance inside the restaurant depicts a typical fast food chain. 

manang's chicken

Anyway, there is a unique blend to spices used for the chicken that you won’t find anything similar to its taste anywhere. Aside from the chicken, you can also sink your teeth into appetizers like potato chips with special dips and a velvet sundae. Other dishes include sandwiches, noodles, rice meals, and more.

velvet sundae

chips and dips
For a complete taste of what’s in stored for you including the full menu, branch locations, and franchising information, check out their website 

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