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Polarized Shades 101

So why do you need polarized shades? It’s not summer. It’s technically off peak season for beach getaways. It’s in fact rainy and stormy at times. But when you go out, you still need protection from harmful UV rays which are still present even on a cloudy day.

Polarized Shades
polarized shades from Dickies
Polarized Defined

Polarized sunglasses are designed for glare reduction, similar to the anti-glare mechanism in some eye glass lens. Glare is neutralized when components of light are blocked through tiny strips of film layered vertically or through the sides of the lens.

Difference from Non-polarized

Other types of shades simply offer a tinted version, much like for covering your eye bags. :D But in polarized varieties, there is mechanism to reduce or block the sunlight and you can immediately notice the difference when you compare a polarized versus a non-polarized brand in your hands. Do that the next time you purchase shades and see the difference!

Although polarized shades are a little bit more expensive compared to regular types, you should do yourself a favor by investing in a more valuable eyewear. 

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