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Grilling at Gerry’s Grill

I’ve never ordered grilled dishes at Gerry’s Grill but I do love grillin’, err… chillin’ in this restaurant. I enjoy their appetizer finger foods as well as their merienda treats.

excuse the playful carrot house :)

gerry's grill
a contrasting dim lighting on a broad daylight with the sun peeping through banner covered glass windows
Every branch provides a dining area almost similar to the vibe in a bar minus the live bands, smoking, and drinking of course. It’s inviting for a few (like me) but can be a turn off for some.


Gerry’s Grill
Gerry's Grill SM Rosales
A branch in a nearby mall is adequately staffed so your needs will be immediately attended. This is just right considering the fact that they’re one of the busiest restos in this local mall.


Prices are quite reasonable considering the quality of the food, the ambiance, and the service.

How I Met Gerry’s Grill :>

Thanks to Sitel yet again, I’ve been introduced to this place. Why? It’s because Sitel Baguio employees get 10% off at Gerry’s Grill in SM Baguio as well as numerous other places all over the metro. But that was years ago and I have no idea if the same perk is still offered today. I’m no longer in the uplands though and there’s no discount anymore but Gerry’s Grill is still one of the best local places to dine. 

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