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The Voice of the Philippines The Battles Round 2

Considering the fact that The Voice of the Philippines The Battles may have already been concluded and taped long before tonight’s air time (July 8 and 9 according to some sources), then there’s no point in arguing about the same points I’ve mentioned during Round 1’s TV episode

The Voice of the Philippines
from | Twitter hash tag #VoicePHBattles

Nonetheless, I still think that pairing was prejudiced between a strong contender against a weaker contestant in terms of voice quality and range. This way, the assigned judge/mentor will not find it difficult to choose between the two (or three) and will not send home a promising team member. It’s still the same pre-arranged elimination formula used.

These are the winners of The Battles Round 2 by the way:

Team Apl
Sir Lord Lumibao vs. Thor Dulay
Thor wins
Arnel Pineda is present this time

Team Lea
Japs Mendoza vs. Diday Garcellano
Diday wins

Team Sarah
Yuki Ito vs. Kathreen Castro
Yuki, amidst his err her sore throat wins

Team Bamboo
Nicole Parada vs. Deb Victa vs. Angelique Alcantara
Angelique wins; Bamboo showed her the audition videos of her fellow contestants during a pre-performance interview

Did you correctly guess who wins between pairs before they even started to sing on the battle stage? 

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