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Times Square Coffee House Urdaneta City Review

Everyone wants to be a part of New York, even coffee houses or at least their names; see Wall Street Café Urdaneta City and now Times Square Coffee House Urdaneta City.


You’d feel the NY vibe inside this coffee shop, even through various posters and images of Times Square plastered all over the wall. One side even emulates a portion of the NY area as if you’re peeping through glass windows of a building with a view of Times Square outside. The seats and tables are cozy too with simple but stylish designs. Although the overall space is limited, it can accommodate several groups of coffee lovers at the same time.

Pastries and Beverages

Times Square Coffee House Urdaneta City

The usual hot or cold coffee beverages you love are of course available, along with pastries on the sides. Prices are definitely within the means of every coffee lover.


This place is no Times Square NY alternative but it sure offers the same vibe.

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