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Silver Spoon Café Urdaneta City Review

Coffee lovers from the province will love Urdaneta City, Pangasinan as there are at least three shops offering gourmet coffee in the metro; one of which include Silver Spoon Café located along McArthur Highway.

Silver Spoon Café Urdaneta City

Food and Beverages

You can order either hot or cold coffee beverages as well as non-caffeine drinks in different sizes. On the sides, you dine in and enjoy delectable pastries and desserts. Prices are well within budget. You’ll love the presentation of the coffee mugs too especially when you order hot coffee not on the go.


The place is cozy inside and can accommodate several groups of coffee lovers at once. You will appreciate the place’s design too before you even step outside the door until you get seated inside. The parking area is also spacious. You can park through an empty lot adjacent to the shop or at the back of the store.


You can drop by just to try or you can stay (not for good ;) and tambay with friends for a cup of coffee and a ton of chitchat. 


  1. Good for Pangasinan peeps... They have somewhere to make tambay and have a ton of chitchat... :P


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