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SM City Taguig aka SM Aura Premier

At first, I wondered why was it called SM Aura? Not to mention the extended name “Premier.” Why not SM The Fort or SM City Taguig as the Facebook page shows? But after strolling all over the mall, I agreed that it’s best called SM Aura Premier for a reason. 

SM City Taguig aka SM Aura Premier
left dome - Imax, Director's Club, and SM Cinemas ; right dome - SMX; from SM City Taguig (SM Aura Premier) 

Premier Mall

First, it is indeed a “Premier” mall. You would notice it right away whichever entrance you take; whether from the main doors or from the basement parking. Most shops aren’t the usual pangmasa or popular stalls you would normally see in most SM malls. In fact, it can be comparable to the upper class malls of Glorietta in Makati.

Aura of Luxury and Elegance

Second, it oozes an “Aura” of luxury and elegance. Even the architectural design of the mall alone is luxurious and elegant; quite redundant I know but that’s what it is. The mall itself is not spacious. There are only five floors with several units per floor. You can actually drop by each unit in an hour or less. It’s nowhere close to SM Mall of Asia which may take a day to inspect.

Architecturally Magnificently Built

But other than the limited number of units, an extended portion of the building is architecturally magnificently built. It holds an SMX Convention, a chapel, and more commercial spaces. I would assume that most of the offices will house call centers; an addition to the already call centre rich populace of Global City Taguig. Even the call centers in the area are incomparable to the usual companies we have heard of. Most of such pays higher and hires only the elite amongst call center folks. Some people also speculate that the extension are condo units considering the fact that SMDC (SM Development Corporation) often builds condominiums beside SM malls.

Mini-Park at the Rooftop

The topmost floor (5th floor) of the mall (not the building extension) features an open air mini-park where you can see a view of Global City. There are shops within the area as well as seats throughout the park with grass (it’s still being grown), fountains (not yet on), and other notable features of the landscape. There’s also a path which will allow you to walk towards the extended building (not yet open).

Although several outlets are still close, you can already enjoy the premier aura of SM Aura Premier in Taguig. Visit their official Facebook page for more information. 

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