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Views in Videos from the MOA Eye

I’ve always wanted to see the view from the MOA Eye ever since it was launched by the Mall of Asia. Finally, I got to try the gigantic ferris wheel with two excited kids.

But unlike other regular ferris wheel, the MOA Eye follows a slow pattern. The wheel simply continuously rotates from the time it’s powered on. Being slow, thrill seekers can easily hop aboard from the waiting platform below on an ascending box, assisted by the crew on standby below. The same is done for those who are descending from the opposite direction.

During ascension, apprehension and worry will be evident for anyone with fear of heights. Even the little kids (my daughter and my niece) I was with who are often normally eager for rides were a little scared at the beginning. We were complaining why we chose the ride to begin with and how we don’t ever want to board the giant wheel again. But fear was soon replaced with awe as we stare at buildings and cars below. The view of the entire Mall of Asia complex as well as the Manila Bay sunset was spectacular. It was worth it.

Here is the video from the MOA Eye:

Here are pictures in a slideshow video:

The MOA Eye is located at the SM by the Bay Amusement Park and is the tallest as well as the biggest ferris wheel in the Philippines. For more information, visit their official Facebook page. See

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