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OLÉ Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Boracay Review

OLÉ Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Boracay satisfies your taste for Hispanic dishes. They serve Spanish, Mexican and Cuban specialties including tapas, the Filipino adapted paella, and the famous Sangria wine drink. You’ll also find seafood and vegetarian meals.

Ole Boracay Restaurant

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If you think that several Filipino food have adapted the Hispanic cuisine, wait till you try any of the dishes served. There is still a distinctive Spanish taste quite different from Filipino cooking even with the same type of dish, i.e. paella. Most meat dishes will also be complemented by Sangria, the red wine. But it’s just for the meal and is not intended for excessive drinking. 

Be careful when food tripping especially if you’re not really hungry or not dining with a group. If you’d like to try as many dishes as you can, bear in mind that servings are quite generous.

As for the price, you can definitely have a full meal with no more than Php 500 unless you order all types of dishes. 


The Hispanic vibe within the restaurant is noticeable. It’s specifically designed to resemble establishments in the Hispanic countries mentioned. It’s also open so you get a view of passersby outside and other nearby restaurants.


You won’t miss waitresses in sexy uniform too. I’ve overheard some of them speak in their local tongue. They depict the typically amicable and hospitable people of Boracay similar to what I’ve experienced in 888 Seafood Restaurant.


For the menu, location, and other information, visit the official website of Ole Boracay Restaurant at www.oleinboracay.com.

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