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Top 5 Best Hair Care for Curly Hair

Best hair care for curly hair. I liked the sound of that and I’ve been thinking about the idea of writing something related to it. Now that I no longer have curly hair, it’s even the best time to write about this topic. This is because I had to cut off the curled part because I wasn’t able to take care of it well.

best hair care for curly hair
Angie Miller from American Idol Season 12 | Photo from Breathe Cast Christian Post
In this post, I’m specifically referring to everyone who has availed of salon services to create a curly hairstyle in order to prolong its life. The 80’s is still “in” even for 2013, so this type of hair is ideal most especially the soft waves that are away from the roots but close to the tips.

So here are a few reminders for everyone who still has that chic wavy hairstyle or is planning to sport one soon despite the summer heat.  

1. Invest on reliable services. Borrowing that line from a tattoo shop I availed services from twice already, “cheap tattoo is not good and good tattoo is not cheap,” the same applies to hair services. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it’s ugly but similarly, not because it’s expensive doesn’t connote good taste. So use your research skills and ask around for the best salon in town. But in case it’s quite heavy on the budget, invest a little when it comes to pampering yourself.

2. Buy accompanying products. The only item I was recommended to purchase was a mousse. You can buy one through a Watsons store (via any SM mall) if you’re looking for a salon grade version that isn’t too costly. The mousse will be applied when your hair is about to dry so you can easily twist it into a shape you want. There’s only one shape anyway and that is the Rapunzel type of twirl or you can also part your hair in half for twin twirls.

3. Use a comb with wide bristles. Keep your hair brush away for now while your hair is still curly as they’re mortal enemies. ;) Kidding.

4. Never comb the curly part. This is related to the previous suggestion. Just comb the hair right above where the curl starts. If you need to untangle tangled curls, use your fingers instead and be a part of the no comb revolution as that local shampoo commercial says. 

5. Easy on the conditioner, most especially right after the session. After all, your hair was treated and conditioner will wash off the treatment so condition your curled hair sparingly.

The rest of the hair care ideas are just about common and applicable to any type of hair including straight. These include minimizing the application of anything potentially damaging like hair spray, hair coat, oil, gel, and so on. It also includes avoiding excessive exposure under the sun which is also applicable for skin care.  

So may these tips on the best hair care for curly hair ideas help prolong your curled and fabulous hairstyle! 

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