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The WGWG Trend Ends This Year with American Idol Season 12

With the last male voted out of American Idol Season 12, this year officially ends the WGWG trend with Philip Philips last year.

American Idol Season 12
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Lazaro Arbos, the last male contestant from the original 5 guys included in the top 10 was finally eliminated from the show. It was also a trend that the past 5 weeks had sent home nothing but male singers, leaving only the top 5 all female crew. Although there was technically no “white guy with guitar” among the male singers from the top 10 this year, it was phenomenal as we have witnessed a lot of firsts in this year’s season. This includes new segment like the sudden death round and revealing the top 3 from each voting week. It’s also the first without any WGWG winner after several seasons past with only male singer/guitarists winning the show.

Lazaro, who was performing poorly during the past few weeks caught the audience’s sympathy by miraculously being able to sing straight despite his speech defect. He was able to gain enough votes to survive previously eliminated male contestants who were obviously better singers during the past few weeks. Unfortunately, sympathy votes wasn’t enough anymore this week; not even when pitted against Janelle Arthur, who seems to be the weakest among the girls. Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, and Angie Miller with their girl power on AI were just too much too handle this week.

Some predict that Janelle is the next contestant to go followed by Angie with Kree, Amber, and Candice at the top 3. Angie with her piano and inspiring gospel renditions is still my best bet though. We are yet to find out anyway with the remaining weeks of American Idol Season 12. For now, it’s goodbye to Lazaro and thank you for inspiring many! 

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