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American Idol Season 12: Your Top 3… Almost!

So no one got eliminated in American Idol Season 12 just when everyone was already anticipating who among the top 4 contestants Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller remains as the top 3.

American Idol Season 12

The supposedly ‘big’ announcement mentioned after the performances was actually in relation to the judges’ save. Since the judges didn’t use their save option even after the top 5, the save opportunity will be used automatically for the next round. Thus, no one got eliminated this week.

I’m sure voters won’t be too ecstatic about it though. It can be considered a waste of votes. I personally won’t be excited for next week anymore and would wish to spin time forward towards the final 2 contenders instead.

At least, Stefano Langone (American Idol Season 10) performed his new single, “Yes to Love.” The song is an easy to listen to track with just the right vibe plus the heartwarming lyrics. Even the judges loved it and were on standing ovation. The song was so much better than what Lee Dewyze (Season 9 winner) offered.  

Let’s all stay tuned till next week for the top 3 of American Idol Season 12.

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