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Why You Need a Customized Control Panel Dashboard for Your Site’s Clients

A control panel dashboard is very useful for your clients, saving more time and work efficiently. One example of this is to put all your useful links and create a popup iframe so they can easily login into their accounts. One of the powerful platforms that can create all your customization needs is Drupal CMS. Most developers love this platform because it is very scalable, flexible and very powerful when it comes to customization for different user rights access at the dashboard from backend and frontend.

Your control panel dashboard creates the visibility to use all resources you want to create from A to Z.  One of the famous control panel dashboard people are using daily is Facebook.  If you ask all users and calculate the statistics and ask them if they know all the functionalities of this social networking platform, the answer is “NO”. Not all users are interested in learning the entire dashboard control panel for Facebook because they just use what are necessary and important.  

In Drupal, there are several levels of users including beginners, intermediate, advance, masters, developers, programmers, business analyzers, and etc. There are also categories in customizing a dashboard including easy, intermediate, advance, and mastering. By using a customized dashboard for your clients, they can work smarter and faster. They can also become more efficient and more powerful when communicating and collaborating with their team.

Definition of Categories

Easy doesn’t need any training at all.
Intermediate may just need a support FAQ or frequently ask questions for reference.
Advance requires screen casting training to learn more plus the frequently ask questions section.
Mastering must have all the tools to learn the FAQ, screen casting plus physical interaction to developers.  This depends on the background of the end users.

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