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American Idol Season 12 Recap This Week: Down to 8

So another contestant had been voted out of the American Idol season 12 this week and only 8 contestants remain from 9 who performed Beatles songs this week.

american idol season 12
American Idol season 12 top 9

Paul Jolley
Paul Jolley leaves the show and wasn’t saved by the judges. Curtis Finch Jr. who was voted out last week similarly wasn’t unanimously saved by the show’s judges despite his amazing talent. Jolley on the other hand would have been the typical American singer heartthrob but unfortunately, his charm didn’t work miracles this week. His technique also didn’t work wonders. He took it soft and slow at the beginning of his song to make a statement with one high note at the end. It was the exact opposite for Angie Miller and Candice Glover who both performed their respective songs starting with high key notes.

Speaking of keys and notes, Lazaro’s performance was one of the worst this week. He was off key all throughout the song. But surprisingly, he was one of the first three who were announced to safety along with Candice and Angie. Kree, as always made a remarkable performance. The same applies to Devin and Janelle even if they didn’t boast of high notes. Burnell and Amber also offered exceptional renditions of Beatles classics even if they were not born yesterday and didn’t quite know their chosen songs.

Top 9 Contestants Song List

Here is what the contestants had performed this week in order of performances:

Kree Harrison - "With a Little Help from My Friends"
Burnell Taylor - "Let it Be"
Amber Holcomb - "She's Leaving Home"
Lazaro Arbos - "In My Life"
Candice Glover - "Come Together"
Paul Jolley - "Eleanor Rigby"
Angie Miller - "Yesterday"
Devin Velez - "The Long and Winding Road"
Janelle Arthur - "I Will"

Idol Tour Fan Save

Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew

Let me correct last week’s info about the Idol Tour Fan Save. Apparently, only 2 singers were asked to perform for the 11th slot of the Americal Idol Tour. Aubrey Cleland was the fan’s favorite against the other contender Charlie Askew. Aubrey will join the top 10 finalists for the summer tour.

Guest Performances

Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams from season 10 returned with a jazz version of another Beatles classic, “I Saw Her Standing There” along with Jessica Sanchez from last year’s season. Jessica debuted her new single “Tonight” and performed with Ne-Yo. The song will be included in her upcoming album “You, Me, and the Music.”

Ne-Yo and Jessica Sanchez

450th American Idol Episode

For the upcoming episode, idol contestants will perform songs from the Motor City. Colton Dixon, also from last year returns to the Idol stage during results night in time for 450th episode of the show.

American Idol Season 12 Winner?

I’ve read a fearless forecast naming Angie Miller as this season’s winner. I may have to agree considering her looks, talent, and charisma. Kree and Candice will be runner-ups with either one of them battling Angie for the finale.

And that’s it for the American Idol season 12 recap this week! 

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