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BPI Brings You Up to 24 Months Installment at MemoXpress

I’d like to share about a summer deal which gadget lovers will definitely love. It was just coincidence that we’ve dropped by a MemoXpress outlet in a nearby SM mall. This led to an exciting discovery. BPI is offering up 24 months installment in certain phones sold at this shop!


So we took advantage of the opportunity and found a perfect phone based on our preferences, the Lenovo K860. It’s an ideal phone for gamers and this deserves a different post soon. If you are in need of a new phone and use a BPI Express Credit Card, try dropping by MemoXpress and avail of these benefits:

BPI Buy Now Pay Later

1. New and top of the line phones
2. Credit card payments using your BPI credit card. BDO and other credit cards are also accepted
3. Buy now, pay later plan
4. Installment of 6, 12, and up to 24 months with BPI
5. 0% interest
6. Billing starts only after 3 months from date of purchase

0% Interest

If you’re interested, just drop by the closest MemoXpress shop near you. They actually have branches throughout the Philippines and are normally represented in most SM malls nationwide.  

Hurry! The promo is only valid this summer until April 15, 2013! 


  1. is this advertise still on going?

  2. Hello! I think it's still ongoing. Other than BPI, may mga promo din for other credit cards like BDO for specific phone units. Just drop by MemoXpress to find out.


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