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American Idol Season 12 Top 10 Live Performance and Results

Last week, the American Idol season 12 top 10 performed live for the audience votes. That’s nothing new, check. But during the results night, something new was offered. We now have a glimpse of the top 3 for the week followed by succeeding ranks, check!

Yes, AI is offering a new twist aside from the Sudden Death round and the top 20 live performance voting. Three contestants who have gained the most number of votes are revealed although it wasn’t mentioned who ranks the first, second, or third. Aside from that, the succeeding ranks were also disclosed all the way to the bottom of the ranking, with the last contestant possibly eliminated.

The percentage of votes in specific states was also mentioned in relation to contestant’s hometowns. This new format will be something we can expect in the coming weeks. This should end the controversy enshrouding the mysterious turnout of votes where no one knows how it turns out the way it does.

We have also witnessed performances from 2 contestants who were part of the top 20; Charlie Askew, who sang his own composition “Sky Blue Diamond” and Aubrey Cleland with her version of “Out Here on my Own.” Both returning contestants are hoping to get the 11th and final slot for the American Idol tour this year. Most likely, the other 10 (8 more to go) contestants who did not land in the top 10 will be performing soon as well.

We’ve also seen the top 10 singing “Shine Your Way” from the movie, “The Croods,” Bon Jovi with his band performing “Because We Can,” and Phillip Phillips singing his new single, “Gone, Gone, Gone” which will most likely become a hit too like his quadruple platinum song “Home.” The song had become America’s anthem for various sporting events including the 2012 London Olympics. Phillips’ return is just timely for the week’s theme where contestants performed songs from previous contestants.

The songs they performed were as follows:

Former Idol Singer
Season 12 Top 10
"I Believe" 
Curtis Finch Jr.
Scotty McCreery
Janelle Arthur
"Temporary Home" 
Carrie Underwood
Devin Velez
"I Surrender" 
Kelly Clarkson
Angie Miller
Kelly Clarkson
Lazaro Arbos
"I Who Have Nothing" 
Jordin Sparks
Candice Glover
Scotty McCreery
Paul Jolley
Carrie Underwood
Kree Harrison
"Flying Without Wings"
Ruben Studdard
Burnell Taylor
"A Moment Like This" 
Kelly Clarkson
Amber Holcomb

From the performances above, Candice and Angie’s rendition were amazing. Yet the opposite can be said of Devin and Burnell’s song. Even Janelle’s version was just a stage performance and Randy was right in saying, the song didn’t go anywhere besides, “Gone, gone, gone.” The rest were just ok including (the usually belting singer) Curtis, Lazaro, Paul, and Amber. Kree still sounded great but she can do better than that.

As for results, the ladies dominated the week with all top 3 spots taken by female contestants namely Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, and Angie Miller. The other contestants who made it to the top 9 (in order) are:

4 Lazaro Arbos
5 Amber Holcomb
6 Janelle Arthur
7 Burnell Taylor
8 Paul Jolley
9 Devin Velez

Curtis Finch Jr.
Unfortunately, it was the end of the line for Curtis Finch Jr. despite that jaw dropping "I Believe I Can Fly" rendition for the judges save. Apparently; America isn’t inspired by his inspiring songs and spiritual life. Nicki Minaj, who fought to use the judges save for Curtis was dismayed. The judges save this year only works if all 4 judges agree. Too bad they didn’t and too bad for America, they won’t hear this angelic and melodic singer in the show anymore.

This week, American Idol season 12 top 10 is down to 9 and will be performing live once again this time singing John Lennon and Paul McCartney hits. Jessica Sanchez will also return on the show during the results night. 

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