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Two Wives Korean Drama in ABS-CBN

Two Wives Korean Drama in ABS-CBN
Two Wives Korean drama in ABS-CBN is yet another morning show worth your while if you’re into spicy flavored television series types. I prefer light hearted ones such as Lie to Me but this is intriguing enough to write about.

The story isn’t your usual drama. It starts with married man Victor falling in love with single mother Janine, whom he had supposedly fathered a child with before he got married to Yvonne, his wife. Upon discovery of the affair, Victor was forced to choose between the two and chose Janine over his own wife. But with an unusual twist of fate, Victor met an accident which made him forget all about Janine. The only woman he remembers is Yvonne, although they were already divorced.

To make it more complicated, Yvonne is already seeing someone else too, her own younger boss at work. But due to Victor’s case, Yvonne and her child had to stay with Victor to help him recover. Janine on the other hand is reduced to nothing but a friend who attempts to be of assistance in any way possible just to be able to be with Victor even if he had completely forgotten about her already.

Although it looks too easy, it’s actually more difficult than it already seems. No one will tell Victor about everything which took place before the accident, including his divorce. Not even Yvonne can do so because it’s against the doctor’s advice. Thus, the first wife, despite her hatred and hesitancy to live again with her ex-husband who betrayed her, had to stick around with him for a while until he regains memory again or if he ever does so. The second wife on the other hand, will need to put up with watching her husband back in the arms of the wife he left for her. Then there’s this young and successful boss who had to patiently wait for Yvonne while she attends to her former husband’s needs.

Cast and Characters

Kim Ji Young - Yoon Young Hee (Yvonne)
Son Tae Young - Han Ji Sook (Janine)
Kim Ho Jin - Kang Chul Soo (Victor)
Kim Ji Young - Yoon Young Hee
Andy - Yoon Nam Joon
Jun Moo Song - Yoon Jang Soo (Young Hee’s father)
Jo Yang Ja - Seo Yeo Ja (Young Hee’s mother)
Kim Ho Jin - Kang Chul Soo
Kim Yoon Kyung - Kang Do Hee
Kim Yong Rim - Jang Young Ja (Chul Soo’s mother)
Kang Sung Jin - Ahn Kyung Tae
Kim Young Ran - Oh Dal Ja
Uhm Min Woo - Kang Han Byul (Young Hee & Chul Soo’s son)
Kim Soo Jung - Han So Ri (Ji Sook’s daughter)

Time Slot

Two Wives is aired right before Be Careful with My Heart.

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