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IMMAP Digital Marketing Courses: Search Engine Marketing Course and More

from IMMAP
Fellow online marketing enthusiasts, I’ll be attending one of the digital marketing courses of IMMAP this October. The Search Engine Marketing course is scheduled for October 2-16, 2012. So if there’s anyone else attending, see you at the face to face session on the October 2 from 2 PM to 6 PM at the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant in Somerset Bldg., Sto. Tomas St., near Manila Peninsula in Makati, wherever that is ‘cause I’m not good with directions. 

IMMAP Search Engine Marketing Course

The course is billed for Php 10,500, not inclusive of VAT for the regular rate but the early bird rate, which I was able to take advantage of, costs Php 8,800 with VAT not yet included. It was actually paid for Php 9,856 to be exact. You may also take advantage of vouchers offered through the IMMAP official Facebook page. 

This course will provide an overview of how search engine marketing and search engine optimization or SEO works. Although this isn’t anything new for me because I practice SEO on a daily basis, I’m thrilled with the fact that e-Learning Edge teams up with Ateneo de Manila University for the series of courses offered for this year extending all the way till next year (2013). So technically, I’m after the formal certification. 

I’ll be writing down notes and I’ll be probably be the only one without a tablet or a tab phone to use. It makes me feel like buying one just for the sake of this course. But whatever I am able to take note of will be posted here, provided that the organizers allow it. The same applies to printed hand outs as well as the information gathered from the webinar itself.

IMMAP Courses

Aside from the search engine marketing course, there are other interesting courses offered as well. These include the one day event “Content Marketing Workshop,” which will feature significant names in the world of written publications. I specifically chose the course above for obvious reasons, I’m an SEO practitioner. I’m a writer too but it’s less on the creative side and more on the SEO side now.

As for the rest of the courses available through IMMAP, these are listed:

The Digital Marketing Plan
What Works in Websites
Effective Email Marketing
e-Ethics: Digital Marketing Rulebook
Click: Online Advertising
Marketing 360: IMC
Mobile: Marketing on the Go!
Social Media Marketing

It’s interesting to note that other than search engines; social media is the secondary source of web traffic. Thus, it’s also a recommended course. The other programs will be applicable only for those who are specifically in need of them, i.e. e-Commerce and so on.

For more information about these courses from IMMAP including prices or course content, you can visit their website

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