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One True Love GMA 7

One True Love GMA 7
There are numerous issues which affects certain families discussed in the teleserye One True Love GMA 7. Some of which include DNA testing, brain tumor, lukso ng dugo, and forbidden love. Before we expound on these, let’s talk about the plot briefly.


The story starts with successful businessman Carlos, not being able to have a child with his wife Leila. He was able to do so through Ellen although he wasn’t serious with their relationship and was only after the child. After giving birth, Ellen was wrongly accused criminally so Carlos can send her off to jail while he raises their child.

Leila with her friend Candice, another doctor had actually switched Carlos and Ellen’s baby with Dyna’s child. The latter willingly gave up her child. Leila paid one of her own relatives to raise the other child who grew up to be Tisoy. He was despised by his adopted family. He was forced to leave after the couple’s child was almost killed because they blamed him for it. He ended up with Lola Matilda, worked in the pier business owned by Carlos, and became friends with comical Douglas.

Meanwhile, the child who grew up with Carlos and Leila is Elize. Leila and her sister Marla despised her but Carlos and yaya Brittany was fond of her. Elize fell in love with Tisoy. Both of them actually fell in love with each other. Naturally, Elize’s parents are against it but the young couple fought for their love, until Elize got sick of a brain tumor. She was sent to the U.S. when local treatments are unavailable to cure her. Carlos finally found out that she is not his daughter nor is she Ellen’s through a DNA test. Ellen had recently returned to their town, married to Mayor Sandoval, a powerful politician.

Cast and Characters

The cast and characters are as follows:

Tisoy is Alden Richards / Nathaniel Britt as the young Tisoy
Elize is Louise delos Reyes / Edelweiss Tuazon as the young Elize
Carlos is Raymond Bagatsing
Leila is Agot Isidro
Ellen is Jean Garcia
Lola Matilda is Caridad Sanchez
Mayor Sandoval is Bembol Roco
Marla is Wynwyn Marquez
Troy Sandoval is Lucho Ayala
Yaya Brittany is Tia Pusit
Violy (Ellen’s sister) is Frencheska Farr
Dyna (Tisoy’s helpful teacher) is Ana Capri
Douglas is Benjie Paras

Other Characters:

Dra. Candice Buenafe is Carlene Aguilar 
Mavic is Rita Iringan
Iza is Mayton Eugenio
Jun is Ping Medina
Aireen is Jhoana Marie Tan
Teban is Paolo O'Hara
Vivi  is Ana Abad Santos
Sioneng Balute (Ellen’s mother) is Odette Khan

Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes’s tandem started with Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s soap My Beloved. Their partnership on screen worked well that producers decided to create an entire series just for them.

Other Credits

“Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigan Ka” by La Diva is the show’s theme song. The program is directed by Andoy L. Ranay and Jun Lana as creative director. It’s developed by Suzette Doctolero and written by Angeli delos Reyes, Jules Katanyag, Geng Delgado, Jason Lim, Jessie Villabrille, and Lem Garcellano.

Issues Affecting Families

As for the issues mentioned earlier, the first is about the usual forbidden love. It starts with Carlos and Ellen’s relationship. Carlos is already married in a loveless marriage. A lot of Pinoys are involved in the same setup. But marriage is not all above love. It’s about a vow to stay together for the rest of their lives; thus, it is forbidden in a sense for the other party to forget such a vow even if the marriage is not conceived in love.

Another form of forbidden love is manifested in Tisoy and Elize’s love. Their parents did not approve of their relationship. Even Ellen favored Troy because he was educated. This is common in Pinoy mentality; parents meddling with their kid’s relationship. However, there is truth in the fact that being young and careless, the youth may end with a decision they will regret for the rest of their lives. Parents, despite appearing to be like their villains in their kid’s lives, only want the best for their children.

A family getting sick with a disease that’s difficult to manage is another issue in this soap with Elize acquiring a brain tumor. It’s devastating for any family but it also brings them closer together.

Lukso ng dugo and DNA testing are interrelated in a way in this teleserye. There was no evidence of the former for Carlos, Ellen, and Tisoy as both parents didn’t have a clue that the boy they disapprove from seeing the daughter they thought were theirs is actually their own child. Only DNA testing had proven that Elize isn’t their daughter.  I have no idea what’s the extent of DNA testing in the Philippines but in other parts of the world including Australia, it’s easy to avail of such tests even for the common person. In fact, one of the Australian sites assigned to me by a client for link building called offer this service.

Last Notes

One True Love GMA 7 is almost over, so let’s anticipate and be excited with how the show ends.

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