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Luna Blanca GMA 7

The second chapter (ikalawang yugto) of Luna Blanca GMA 7 is about to end. You can say that the storyline is nearing its climax with Blanca now officially dating Joaquin with an added conflict from the latter’s older sister Divine. She is obviously against it after she was left by her husband Luis, Blanca and Luna’s father. The twin’s mother, Rowena had also recently discovered that her new found helpful friend may have been the engkanto or mythical creature Devolas, whom she despise and suspects to be Luna’s father. He was very angry when she declined his love offer soon as she and Luis had been reunited again.

Ikalawang Yugto Plot

Luna Blanca GMA 7
Derrick Monasterio, Barbie Forteza, Bea Binene, Kristoger Martin
The family was almost actually back together earlier when Luis discovered the truth that Rowena never had any other man. Their daughter Blanca was also introduced to her father for the first time, although she had actually met him before when she was a child. He was willing to adopt her then when she was a kid; if only Divine and his own mother, Doña Consuelo had not interfered.  

It’s still Divine who hindered Luis, Rowena, and Blanca’s reunion when she attempted to kill herself and blame Rowena for it. She bribed Luis to be with her in exchange for Rowena’s freedom. Although Luis went back to Divine, he arranged for Rowena and Blanca to live in a cozy home close to their ancestral house in their far flung town. This paved the way for Luna to be reunited with her mom and sister. She was adopted by one of Luis’ family help, Linda. Luna grew up with people maltreating her. This included Ashley. But there were also people who had accepted her for who she is and how she looked like. This included Linda’s husband Crispin and their son Samboy.

But the twins fell in love for the same guy, Joaquin or Aki, a singer-star. Blanca was willing to forget about herself in order for her sister to be happy. But Annie, the shadow friend of Luna had formed an allegiance with Devolas. She had turned into a vengeful enchantress and was able to copy Blanca’s form in order to tempt Aki to her arms. Although everyone eventually discovered about Annie’s lies, it almost cost Aki and Blanca’s life. Thanks to Rowena’s new found friend, the anino is gone for good. Aki and Blanca also finally had a chance to express how they feel for each other when Luna offered her turn to sacrifice what she felt for Aki so Blanca can be happy instead. Kiko, Blanca’s best friend whom she grew up with in the dumpsters and is actually in love with her, had also let her go.

This leads us back to the opening.

Cast and Characters

So before the second chapter ends, here are the cast and characters:

Luna is Bea Binene / Jillian Ward / Bianca King
Blanca is Barbie Forteza / Mona Louise Rey / Heart Evangelista
Rowena is Camille Prats
Luis is Raymart Santiago
Divine is Chynna Ortaleza
Doña Consuelo is Marissa Delgado
Linda is Gina Alajar
Aki is Kristofer Martin
Kiko is Derrick Monasterio

Other Characters:

Ashley is Ryza Cenon
Lolo Igme is Dante Rivero
Tetchie is Karen delos Reyes
Marietta is Mercedes Cabral
Toti is Arkin Magalona
Madam Priscilla is Boots Anson-Roa
Samboy is Buboy Villar
Crispin is Alan Paule

More Characters:

Jan Marini Alano as Belen
Yassi Pressman as Kate
Cara Eriguel as Andrea
Carlos Morales as Diego
Dexter Doria as Manang Eloisa
Dino Imperial as Vince

Unang Yugto Plot

If you’re wondering who some of the cast and characters mentioned above are since they were not described earlier, they were part of the first chapter of the series. Jillian Ward and Mona Louise Rey starred as Luna and Blanca when they were kids, respectively. They grew up with their mother, grandfather Lolo Igme, and friends including Marietta and her son Toti. Lolo Igme died later on searching for Luna, who ran away. Luis had disappeared in the forest before the twins were born when he tried to confront the enchanting being who was responsible for Rowena’s disappearance when she was already betrothed to him.

He was later found when the twins were already kids. But it took a while before he recovered. He didn’t know about Rowena’s whereabouts because his mom and Divine made up stories about her. He at least met his own daughters, not knowing they were his own kids. For Blanca, it was when Madam Priscilla gave up adopting her due to Divine’s lies. For Luna, it was when she was already adopted by Linda.

As to how Luna ended up with Linda, it started after Blanca was forced to leave by Madam Priscilla and Luis couldn’t find her when she ran away. She was reunited with her mom and later on with her sister. Rowena since then had a change of heart towards Blanca, whom she didn't like before, believing that she is the engkanto's daughter. The three of them lived together afterwards in the dumps, collecting recyclable trash and selling it to junkshops. But one stormy night changed it all. The mountain of garbage was eroded and a landslide destroyed their shanty. Blanca and Rowena thought that Luna was killed but Linda actually took her in and adopted her as her own daughter after Luna saved her. Since then, Luna lived in the province with Linda’s family. Luna thought her mother and sister had perished. But they were alive of course, and continued to live in the area with Belen and her son Kiko.

Ikatlong Yugto

The last chapter will have Bianca King and Heart Evangelista as Luna and Blanca, respectively. But we are yet to have out what happens to the twins and the people around them.

Time Slot

Catch Luna Blanca GMA 7 after news program 24 Oras and before Makapiling Kang Muli.

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