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Final Curtains Down for Philippine King of Comedy Dolphy (1928 - 2012) at 83

King of Comedy Dolphy

It’s the final curtains down for Philippine King of Comedy Dolphy, otherwise known as Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. (July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012). The whole nation is one in mourning the death of the country’s premier artist who deserves a National Artist award. The news about his death is all over blogs and websites, television and radio channels, magazines and newspapers, and social network sites particularly in Facebook wall posts and Twitter tweets. You’ll even see half mask flags in certain buildings and establishments.

Dolphy’s Death

Before the tragic news was relayed last night at 8:34 PM, the whole nation had prayed for his recovery when he was first taken to the hospital in June 9 for COPD whom he was diagnosed of back in 2009. Sadly, despite being stable at the Makati Medical Center for the past few weeks including the afternoon prior to his death, his deteriorating age was unable to battle the final pronounced cause of death, "due to multiple organ failure secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and acute renal failure." Dolphy was with long time partner Zsa Zsa Padilla and some of his children when he died last night. He missed his 84th birthday which would have been on the 25th of this month.

Dolphy's remains had initially been made open for public viewing at the Dolphy Theater inside ABS-CBN earlier. The rest of the vigil will be held at the Heritage Park in Taguig where public viewing will be allowed from 8 AM to 3 PM. His remains may be buried by Sunday, July 15. July 13 had also been declared by the Pres. Noynoy Aquino as the National Day of Remembrance to commemorate Dolphy's contribution to the Philippine nation in terms of arts and entertainment. 

Social Media on Dolphy’s Demise

News about Dolphy’s death were already circulating all over social media sites, particularly Twitter right after he was pronounced dead. The news was confirmed by one of the local television networks, ABS-CBN during a breaking news segment. Speaking of Twitter and social media sites, you’d find Facebook wall posts, Twitter tweets, and other messages posted all over social networking sites about the King of Comedy since last night. A little commotion was even generated after a popular web personality, the couple Jamich, tweeted about their 50th month anniversary saying it was coincidentally happening on the same day as Dolphy’s demise. They were bombarded with hate speech and tweets afterwards. Citing it was insensitive of them to compare a gloomy event with their celebration and that no one cared if it was their monthsary. The couple apologized and explained their side later through a Facebook status message.

Dolphy, the King of Comedy

Although Dolphy is also known for having 18 children from 6 different women, it was his legacy as the King of Comedy in Philippine Cinema which he will be remembered for. I didn’t grow up to see the major hit comedy series John en Marsha over TV, but I’m sure my parents did. I’ve seen Home Along da Riles though and watched how each of the cast members, particularly the Kevin Cosme kids, made a name for themselves.

His contribution to the Philippine entertainment scene is worthy of a National Artist award similar to King of Philippine Action Movies Fernando Poe Jr.’s award. Incidentally, it was FPJ who discovered Pidol when he was still acting over local theatre arts centers. His rise to fame had since then been solidified through movies and TV and by working with other celebrities such as Panchito. His comedy films had been monumental in shaping the nation’s positive outlook in life amidst turmoil times such as during the Marcos era.

The King of Comedy Lives On

Despite his physical death, the King of Comedy lives on through his films and how he had touched countless lives with his comedic acts. It may have been the final curtains down on his life but not on his legacy.

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  1. Dolphy's death is reminder that life is too short though he lived a good life. Let us remember that there is always God whom we will go back to.


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