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7 Ways on How to Make Your Tumblr Experience More Enjoyable

If you’re already on Tumblr, there are ways to make your Tumblr experience more enjoyable. I’ve listed down some of them below:

Choosing a theme and name

Before you engage in any activity, choosing a Tumblr theme or template is the first thing you need to do. Well, of course after the Tumblr sign up process. Upon registering for the site, you will be presented with Tumblr templates you can choose from. You may also search the web for other choices. Whatever you pick, make sure it exemplifies your personality and embodies the type of Tumblr character you wish to portray, i.e. positive, dark, etc. You may also add Tumblr widgets to make it more exciting and inviting.

The rules above apply to your blog name as well. Good names should be catchy, easy to remember, can be spelled without difficulty, and of course describes what the Tumblr blog is all about.

The theme I’ve chosen is simple and minimalistic. The name describes me being lazy or busy sometimes. The site banner features grey colors with neon blue highlights and the background turns red when you hover through it with your mouse.

Tumblr tutorial

You will enjoy your Tumblr experience more if you know how it works. In relation to that, you may want to read a short Tumblr tutorial just to have an overview of the site. You can find these by searching through search engines like Google.

Blog and reblog 

Blogging is one the reasons behind joining Tumblr. We all want to share interesting posts, photos, videos, and more. But aside from posting your own Tumblr blog posts, your Tumblr experience is more enjoyable when you reblog other people’s post. In fact, some Tumblr blog exists solely for reblogging. If you can’t reblog a post though, then you should at least click that heart button on the upper right side of the post to show that you like or appreciate it or even leave comments too.

What’s great with this site is that, random posts will be suggested for your viewing through your dashboard that are not limited to the people you are following. Posts from users the world over will be queued up for you to see. This way, you will discover more posts and people than you can ever do in most social networking sites which limit access only to members you have befriended or followed.

As of the moment, I have over 400 posts and liked more than 400 posts as well. In fact, the number of posts I’ve liked are even greater than the actual number of posts I’ve posted over Tumblr. My posts were not anything people would notice until recently (the past few months) when I started to gain followers and began blogging more often. I posted mostly photos from various sources over the web.

Queue up and schedule posts

Did you know you can queue up to 300 posts over Tumblr? I only discovered that after I continued queuing up posts from various sources, particularly Facebook pages who are rich with interesting images and photos. Most of these were also borrowed from other sites and they don’t have any specific copyright guidelines so don’t worry.

When you queue up your posts, you can also schedule when they are automatically posted on the site. You can specifically choose a date or simply pick the queue up posts option. The latter will routinely post the items on queue according to your preferred duration. You can opt to have one post regularly posted daily and so on.

What posts sell

Apparently, the posts which sell over the site are vivid pictures that are full of life. Tumblr users also love quotations presented in postcard type of images. Popular personalities on movies, television, music, sports, and etc. are also well loved over Tumblr. But for whatever reasons, this is the most successful Tumblr post I’ve posted so far with 100 notes. Click this link for the actual post – BusyLazy.Tumblr.com.

Tumblr Experience

Follow and follow back 

Acquiring followers is also one of the reasons why people are on Tumblr. This makes your experience on the site more enjoyable. If they follow you back, it’s twice the fun.

When I started, I followed popular Tumblr blogs recommended by articles I’ve read over the web. For these types of Tumblr blogs, you can’t expect them to follow you back as they don’t seem to have the need to do so. Simple people from all over the world are normally the ones who follow back when you follow them first. Sometimes, there’s not even a need to initiate following as Tumblr users may automatically follow you after seeing a very interesting or entertaining post. When you do follow Tumblr bloggers, make sure to genuinely do so. Check out their profile or posts to show you are really following them.

My Tumblr blog has only a little over 100 followers but I’m following almost 400 users. Haha.

Blog purpose

Some Tumblr blog types you can create include cute, funny, food, hipster, photography, video, art, and so much more.

As for me, in the beginning, I simply wanted to have a Tumblr blog because many are on the site. I also wanted a microblog (yes, Tumblr is a microblogging platform) to post shorter posts to. My Blogger blog is intended for longer and more elaborate posts just like this entry. Although Tumblr is supposedly a microblogging platform, you’d still see lengthy posts from time to time.

My Tumblr blog’s purpose had then evolved into greater things (really?! :). Aside from posting short posts, I can use it for back linking purposes and as another revenue source. I also would like to attain the same success that some popular Tumblr blogs have achieved in terms of follower and visitors count. Soon I hope and I’m currently working on it.

So to have a purpose for your Tumblr blog makes the whole experience more pleasurable. You won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again if you enjoy it.

Take time to have fun

Lastly, you need to spend at least a decent amount of time to really enjoy blogging, reblogging, liking, commenting following, and engaging with any other activity in Tumblr. When I say decent, of course, I don’t mean addictive to the point that you have nothing else to do other than drop by Tumblr all day. Just enough time like 30 minutes or an hour when available to do so will do.

With these 7 ways, your Tumblr experience will surely become more enjoyable.

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