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PhilHealth 2012 Update You Should Know About


I’m hurrying to publish this post before June 2012 ends for an important PhilHealth 2012 update you should know about. This is because by July 2012, contributions for your PhilHealth membership will double in amount. So you can still catch up and pay your contribution before this month ends. In fact, you can pay in advance all the way till next year’s contribution in order to save money.

I actually tried to pay ahead until 2015 but that didn’t work (lol!). Advanced payments accepted are only until the succeeding year. But at least I was able to take care of my PhilHealth contribution and won’t have to worry about it until this year ends (2012) all throughout 2013. I’ve at least met my goal to deal with social (SSS) and health security this year. It was a pending goal since last year when I became a full time freelancer. I was able to take care of both with ease. The SSS (Social Security System) experience will be narrated in a different post soon.

PhilHealth in the province

One of the benefits of living in the province is shorter files everywhere you are. Unbelievably, even in government offices which are notorious for unimaginably long files, it doesn’t take an entire day for verification, payments, or any other purposes. Although it was inconvenient that the provincial PhilHealth office where I headed to actually changed location and I didn’t know about it until I arrived at the old office, it took only a few minutes for my number to be called over one of the clerk’s desks when I reached the new office. So even if the city (where this PhilHealth was based) was more than an hour away from where I lived (considering traffic and the slow moving bus due to wet roads), I was able to complete the entire task in half a day. I still had time to accomplish other plans for the day. Even my cold and the cold, rainy weather that day, plus the freezing aircon bus couldn’t stop me.

Why choose PhilHealth?

Obviously, it was the most affordable choice. The contribution costs only Php 300 pesos per quarter or that’s just a Php 100 pesos per month. In a year, you only pay Php 1,200. Even if the rates will be increased this coming 3rd quarter of 2012, it is still considerably cheap paying for Php 2,400 annually and Php 600 quarterly (Php 200 a month). Payment is only quarterly and monthly interim payments are not accepted. In case you don’t get to use it because you don’t end up hospitalized at anytime, that’s still so much better than hoping not to get sick because no one knows the future (fortune teller eh?! Lol!).

If you can afford a premium health card at around Php 15,000 yearly, then it would be better so you can seek medical assistance in private hospitals. With PhilHealth, only a portion of your hospital bills are paid unless you check in at a government or public hospital. If you have the means to pay for unexpected hospitalization, then PhilHealth and health cards may not even be necessary. Lucky you!

But for those who wouldn’t want to take chances but don’t want to spend a lot on health security, then PhilHealth is the best option. Hurry and pay your contribution before June 2012 ends and the premiums are increased by July 2012. 

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