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AudioLokal Reverbnation and YouTube Audio and Video Sampler Music Review

Remember this post - A Taste of a Local Audio Experience with AudioLokal? It’s one of the most read posts in this blog. Here’s a follow up entry on the local band AudioLokal. This time we can listen to actual tracks which made you love this band to begin. You can hear their tracks via their Reverbnation page (AudioLokal at Reverbnation). Videos are also embedded from their YouTube channel (AudioLokal at YouTube). Watch, listen, read, and enjoy!

Tigang by AudioLokal

Tigang by AudioLokal title will catch your attention but you’ll be disappointed as there is no sexual pun intended. The song is actually devoid of any carnal connotation. In fact, it speaks from the heart of any other Juan or Juana hoping to meet a most awaited lover, whoever he or she is. But unlike usual love songs with a hopeless romantic lover singing in a melodramatic theme, this track is lighthearted. It offers a hopeful tune for everyone single and alone. Anyone who is also “tigang” or is longing for someone to share and experience love from will be able to relate with this song. Hum along the lines expressing your desire for this special person and your longing to meet him or her. It doesn’t matter who she or is he is, your yearning to finally become acquainted with him or her is cheerfully conveyed in this song.

Inip by AudioLokal

Inip is another AudioLokal is another free spirited track. The theme is simple. It’s about a lover waiting for his beloved and waits hopelessly for nothing. The same lover finds solace through someone who will be there for him or for her in the absence of his or her beloved. The simplicity of the song’s topic is quite deceiving though as simplicity doesn’t mean mediocrity. The catchy rhymes and lines along with an upbeat tune will make you love this song.

PSP by AudioLokal


I heard this song a few years ago. PSP or Para sa Patay from AudioLokal is literally intended for what the title meant. It was for the vocalist’s grandmother who is incidentally my aunt (my mother’s older sister – bragging rights?! =). I can recall that it was written impromptu. My cousin (the vocalist’s dad) asked his son for a song which can be dedicated for our late relative. Thus, this song was written in pen and paper with a guitar on the background.

PSP will touch your heart with these lines, “Ngunit kahit anong mangyari, ikaw ay mananatili sa puso ko. Hangga’t ako’y buhay, laging babaunin ang alaala mo.”

Ipagpatawad Mo by AudioLokal

AudioLokal’s Ipagpatawad Mo is not the forlorn lover’s painful song for a lover who betrays him or her. Rather, it is the betraying lover’s song to a former love he or she is leaving behind for someone else. This track makes saying goodbye seemingly easy by simply asking for forgiveness. But we all know that the art of letting go is never learned in less than 5 minutes while the song lasts. You need to play the song over and over again. You will love the heartfelt lyrics and the melody anyway so go ahead and play it over and over again. It will leave you drumming your finger and toenails.

Saranggola by AudioLokal

Saranggola is the most uplifting of all AudioLokal tracks. It can be anyone’s anthem during trying times. The encouraging lines match the similarly positive beat. Sing these lines to your hopeless soul and expect to be encouraged:  “Sisikat din ang araw upang bigyan liwanag ang pangarap na kaytagal mong hinihintay. Heto ako lumalapit at nagsasabi sa’yo bumangon ka’t muling ibalik ang mga ngiting nawala.”

You can listen to these tracks through AudioLokal’s Reverbnation page. You may also catch a local gig and see if you can still bring home an EP which contains these tracks and more. Find the band’s gig schedule through the AudioLokal Facebook page.

Over at AudioLokal’s YouTube page is a bonus track I’d like to include in this review:

Mukhang Paa by AudioLokal 

Mukhang Paa exposes that villainous boyfriend we all love to hate: an ugly and yet still arrogant guy. It’s a fun song you’ll enjoy humming the lyrics of. You’ll love teasing your friends with this song especially if they can relate with it or you think they do. “Sabog ka ba nung ika’y ligawan n’ya? (sabog ka ba?)…”

Sana'y Di na Lang by AudioLokal 

Sana'y Di na Lang is not a song that AudioLokal will still promote but it's one of the most pleasant sounding songs the band have written. Sound wise, it offers an ear pleasing beat with just the right amount of bass. Lyrically, it's not going you to drown you in an overly 'emo' message. There's no saturation of dramatic lines here. It's just enough to make you sympathize and maybe even relate if you have ever experienced a wasted love which you have hoped was something you  didn't have to feel to avoid the accompanying misery it brings when lovers finally part ways. Sana'y Di na Lang was included in the compilation album Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways. You can hear this song online through an esnips link from the user yeth - Sana'y Di na Lang | AudioLokal | Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways.


AudioLokal’s music can be categorized under alternative pop or rock. Their songs exemplify the jolly and hopeful side of Pinoys, who despite dramas and issues with life finds time to enjoy and have fun. Most tracks are upbeat and lighthearted in terms of lyrics. A lot of people can relate to the song’s theme. Everyone can also sway to the beat of danceable head banging music. These are songs which regular Juans and Juanas can play time and time again.

Who is AudioLokal?

Alex Cerezo - Vocals / Guitar
Enjo Servañez – Guitar
JC 'Papi' Casibang – Bass
Paul Christian 'Bash' Rubio – Drums
Mike Natividad (Drummer from June 2009 - July 2011)
Rommel Concepcion (Drummer from July 2011 - November 2011

AudioLokal on Social Media Portals:

Erratum: As with the other post, please excuse the foreign tongue used as a medium to write this entry. By doing so, this blog only intends to cater to a wider audience which speaks this language.

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