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Pinoy Local Jobs with its Domain Name and Facebook Ad

I wrote about the associated site Pinoy Local Jobs only recently in this post - Search for Local Job Opportunities at Pinoy Local Jobs. The site in itself is fairly new but it showed a great potential, thus, it called the need to apply for a specific domain name for the site. Drop the blogspot extension and it’s now simply

As to why a domain name is important, there are relevant reasons. First of all, it builds the site’s brand. A domain name implies that you mean business and such sites are regarded to be reputable in their field. It also improves the site’s rank in search engines like Google. With a domain name, particularly a keyword rich one, search engine points are increased, thus, improving the chances of a site to land into the first page of search results. Of course, there are a number of other reasons behind search engine optimization but having a domain name is one important aspect which should be regarded highly along with other factors. More on having a domain name in these posts - Domain Name Registration for Free Minds Free Lines Part I and Domain Name Registration for Free Minds Free Lines Part II.

Going back to Pinoy Local Jobs, you still get the same one stop source for Pinoy jobs. You’ll find call center jobs as well as other employment opportunities within Metro Manila, all over the Philippines, and even elsewhere around the world. You may use the search field to find specific tags, look up information through the labels on the right side, check out the archive (also on the right), or simply scroll down the long list of job opportunities down to the bottom of the page.

Aside from having a domain of its own, Pinoy Local Jobs is now also promoted with it’s a Facebook ad. See featured image of this entry for the Facebook ad. It’s only a short month long campaign with a minimal lifetime budget on an advertisement based on impressions and not clicks. This means that the budget is limited within the specified amount only and that payment is made for every thousand impressions and not on a pay per click basis. Impressions in an ad refer to the number of times an advertisement is displayed. I’d be discussing more about Facebook ads in the next entry. As for the Pinoy Local Jobs Facebook ad, it’s only been a few days since it was launched but it’s already displaying a significant result, both in impressions and clicks.

In relation to Facebook, Pinoy Local Jobs site also has an FB page. But the page itself does not offer as much content as the actual site and is only present for promotional purposes – that is to promote the actual site.  Nonetheless, if you would like to like the page, it is found on this link URL - Pinoy Local Jobs at Facebook.

Check out Pinoy Local Jobs today for your call center and other job needs within Metro Manila, other areas of the Philippines, and elsewhere around the world. 

*Pinoy Local Jobs is now Philippines Job Site

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