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Local Pangasinan Band ‘Leech’ at Hoppers Bar Urdaneta

Leech band - Amateur captured video only, sorry

I have another nephew who’s active in the music world. The band he plays bass guitar for, ‘Leech’ have not accomplished what another nephew’s band already did (see post A Taste of a Local Audio Experience with Audiolokal) but it still feels great to know that another relative is living the music dream.

I didn’t catch the name of everyone in the band and we weren’t really introduced to each other. I was just talking to my nephew the whole time in between their set. What I do know is that they have regular gigs in some of the bars in the province (Pangasinan) which includes the place we dropped by to – Hoppers in Urdaneta city.

My nephew Nikko Viray is only 19. He actually stopped from college, being busy with the band. He does have the intention of going back to school though while still playing for the band he belongs to. He had been playing and actually plays guitar pretty good since he was in high school, when I first met him. Along with other nieces and cousins, we were singing all sorts of songs while he was playing his guitar. In one of such family gatherings, AudioLokal’s Alex Cerezo was also present playing guitars and singing with his then screamo kind of vocals. I can still recall how he sings ‘Freak on a Leash’ by Korn. Nikko, on the other hand plays more off mainstream music.

Sorry I don't have decent photos :)
Pangasinan band Leech 

Leech, the band is composed of 7 members. There are 3 on vocals, 2 on guitars, 1 on keyboard, and 1 on drums. On vocals, 2 guys and 1 femme sing. One of the guys sings popular rock while the other belts out early ‘90’s rock and songs which display his vocal prowess. The other vocalist sings popular rock and even makes lyrical twists. He transforms the songs into comic relief through sexy but funny lyrics. He even resembles Kamikazee’s vocalist, making him more comically effective. I wish I would have written down his lyrics of ‘Heto Na.’ Too bad I didn’t. I couldn’t recall the exact words anymore but it was sure very funny.

They do have a Facebook page but it’s not updated. In fact, the only photo present features the old members of the band. Most of them are no longer members when we watched and you’ll see new faces except for 2-3 members including the vocalist Tvan Morales (got his name from the FB page). If I was connected to their band in anyway, I would have volunteered to have their page updated. They will soon realize the potential of social media marketing. The FB page by the way is here - Leech band at Facebook.

I also found a YouTube profile which had uploaded their videos it’s also no longer being updated. It still features the old band members. Nonetheless, the Leech YouTube channel is located here Leech band at YouTube.

Hoppers bar Urdaneta

Hoppers bar is located in McArthur Highway, Urdaneta city. It’s close to Sound Box bar and is right in front of Fast Line, another bar. I’ve found a Facebook page but it’s probably fan made only. The page is embedded here - Hopper's bar Urdaneta. The building where the bar is located used to be a disco place as far as I can remember. I’m not really going out a lot while in the province. The occasion just called for it a few nights ago. I wanted to see my old friends from that city as well as my nephew play.

So in case you’d like to see Leech and my nephew, they have a regular gig every Friday at Hopper’s band.

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