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Why Build My Rank Ranks Number One IMO

Build My Rank is no doubt the number one link building network in the world today (disputes? please let me know ;) but why Build My Rank ranks number one in my opinion (IMO) is totally because of a personal experience. I did mention about copyright infringement in an earlier post. Both Build My Rank and Google have played a major role in my battle against it.

As for Build My Rank, it was how they uphold their integrity by listening even to small voices like mine which made them the number IMO. I was just researching a few weeks back on potential link building options and Build My Rank was obviously recommended by all too many site owners and bloggers so I stumbled upon it many times. I thought of dropping them a note about my problem with someone associated with them. I came on too strong I guess saying they’re ripping people off to have articles posted but I just wanted to voice out my concern. I didn’t expect a reply but they did.

John (most likely a representative) of Build My Rank emailed back saying the email address and name I provided did not match any of their records. They offered additional assistance though by asking me to send the links of some of the articles in question. So I did. It turned out that the person used a different email add and a generic username. He is a member of the network alright but has not posted anything in weeks according to the Build My Rank rep. I’ve been tracking where the contents were posted through www.plagiarism-detect.com and there were actually short 150 words BMR articles I wrote which were found on some of the sites within the Build My Rank network only a few days before Build My Rank emailed back. I don’t know but maybe the fraudulent person posted the articles weeks before on a scheduled date ahead.

I’m sorry to use the word “fraudulent” but that’s how I describe him. I wrote more than 20,000 words costing over $150 of unpaid work for him. I was not the only one by the way. Other writers were scammed too. I even contacted one of them and arranged a project through Freelancer recently. I had encountered numerous scams in that site but still I remain active, if not as a freelancer but an employer (sort of). It’s not the site per se which is scamming but some of the employers. More about this soon…

I wish I could mention his name but it’s not necessary. The name doesn’t appear anywhere online so most likely John (of Build My Rank) was right. It must be an alias. His pseudonym does appear now but through scam sites all over web. I submitted information about what he did just to warn other writers. Some people might not agree with this or rather would not bother exerting as much effort as I did.

But in case you’re interested in reporting any type of fraud, you may check the following sites:


Some are networked so even if you submit to only a few of them, it’s automatically posted in related sites.

I can’t believe how much more I can do just to be vindicated. It happened before with something as meager as less than $30 but I was totally pissed off not because of the money but because I was fooled.

Recently still wasting my time looking for an nonexistent person, I ended up with the same name for most of the sites where my articles were linked to. I was thinking of emailing this person because it might be him or that the culprit works for him. I am contemplating upon emailing (yet again) every single site linked to those short articles too. But that may be another story or may not happen anymore and I’m just going to channel my energy in things which are more worthwhile.

As for Build My Rank, I couldn’t think of the best words to describe what they did but integrity, honesty, sympathy, empathy, ethical, moral, honor, and virtue are just some of the words which perfectly describes how such a huge company bothers helping a small little Blogger blogger.

What they did? Build My Rank deleted the person’s account and removed all articles he posted. Well, he can always apply for a new account and post the articles again but at least there was something that was done for the meantime. I’d put those short articles to better use soon. For now, what Build My Rank did is more than enough for me. Google actually did more. The links are no longer indexed in Google (and I tested it) so his link building efforts is useless without the sites showing up in the major search engine. His Google accounts are also terminated (Adsense, Gmail, etc.) More about this later...

Meanwhile, Build My Rank is number one because they remain consistent with quality links at reasonable prices. My personal story is not even necessary to say so but I just wanted to share. Big companies do look down to help little people too. I know Build My Rank does. 

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