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New Domain Name Registration for Free Minds Free Lines Part I

Finally had a new domain name registration for this blog Free Minds Free Lines. The new URL simply drops the Blogspot extension and keeps Free Minds Free Lines. This new address is still lengthy but at least it’s not as long as the old one was. So dropping the generic blogger URL, this blog is now simply It’s still too long I know. But that’s what this blog is all about: to have a free mind write about everything in life with no bounds. After all, there is freedom to use words and lines as you please to do so.

Domain name definition

If you’re wondering what domain name is, I think the first paragraph is already enough to explain it. Nonetheless, I’d like to expand the concept. On the technical side, Wikipedia’s domain name definition I believe is the most accurate. I quote them, “a domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet.”

Personal domain name meaning: public domain is a like a tenancy residency

As for me, I consider domain names as the home of a blog or site. This is the address allocated for it on the World Wide Web. It can be either be uniquely its own (like the new Free Minds Free Lines) or it can be through a shared platform (like the old Free Minds Free Lines with a Blogspot extension). The perfect domain name meaning and description is like a tenant in a rented residence.

There is a similarity at the same difference when I compare a public domain with residential tenancy however. They are the same because the address is not yours but you are free to use it. That latter part actually explains the difference. Unlike a tenancy residency, you don’t pay for rent. Everything is completely free.

Why domain name is important

In relation to that last note, I quote a fellow freelance writer saying, “Why pay when you can have it free?” I actually believe in the same motto. That is why the idea to register a domain name never crossed my mind until lately. I’ve been seeing fellow bloggers who used to have a Blogspot domain name register a domain of their own. Some of them were reserving the plans to do so only after their blog is earning enough to afford a domain as well as web hosting. At some point, that’s also what I thought of doing. But just like them, I’ve realized that it won’t happen anytime soon most especially for this blog because it was originally intended to be like a personal diary.

Also, as mentioned earlier domains are meant to build a home for a blog or site which it can call its very own. In the world of the Internet, the domain is assigned to you and you alone. Well, there may be similar sites based on the URL with only a dash or a pluralized version to distinguish them, but nonetheless they are still different entities if the whole web is concerned.

In addition to this personal blog, I am planning a niche blog and am scouring the web for different options when it comes to web hosting. I had two blogs in mind and both will have their own domain name. I was thinking of having this personal blog as the last one to ever be registered for a domain, if it will be. It actually ended up as the first to get a unique address simply because the other two are still on the planning stage as of the moment.

I’m not just jumping into the band wagon because a lot of people are on it. I have plans to change the blogger custom domain this blog used to have sooner or later. I was probably just delaying it because of excuses. Profitable or not, this place deserves a shorter address.

Going back to the question of “why domain name is important,” the first reason should be because it signifies a professional level. It tells us people that you are in the business of whatever business you have online. That credibility applies even to personal blogs such as this. It also means you think ahead and understands how fast the Internet progresses. Heck, this whole Web 2.0 is probably may not even be something you are going to be interested with, but you may at least be interested in moving forward to a domain name registration.

Importance of domain name

In relation to the web, even personal sites which were intended to be shared to the world needs SEO or search engine optimization. Certain methods increase the chances of a site or page to be found online. Effective domain name registration is one of such methods. This method is beyond Internet domain registration. It is about registering with a technique.

To answer the common question of “why domain name is important in SEO?” I’d say the name makes it easier for search engines to look it up. This is most especially true for sites with keyword rich names such as where “get your ex back” is a commonly searched keyword phrase. Having the keywords in the URL increases the chances of the site to be found by search engine bots when a user searches for them. This is not enough however and there are important techniques for SEO but I’d like to talk about it some other time. As for the website mentioned, it was only used as an example and may or may not exist.

A lot of sites were borne out of branding and not keywords such as Facebook. The site becomes well searched because of popularity and not because of keyword. It will not hurt to register domain names using top searched keywords nonetheless. As for this blog, it doesn’t fall in either category. It’s not keyword rich nor is it brand specific. This was just the name which popped out of my head when I was thinking of a blog name.  Continued at page 2.


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