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Why so downcast oh my soul?!

Depression when it hits you is like a whirlwind overpowering the ocean with its wrath, consuming everything along its path. Though it may just be a state of mind and is something you can overcome, the feeling while in the midst of it is indescribable and no amount of Valium nor pain reliever can lessen the stabs you feel deep inside your chest.

You know you will get over it sooner or later like how it is when you are broken hearted over love lost or what you have lost because of love; yet depression's overbearing weight in your heavy heart in contrast to a weigh less soul is beyond all the pain you can ever think of or imagine.

Seeing thru the clouds knowing that beyond the haze there are radiant rays of light is a good idea to cope up rather than sulking in a corner wallowing alongside your emotionally weak side (emo! ;) but that just gets you through a moment or so and the hard truth of depression still presses on you as if you are Atlas and all the world's weight is in your shoulders.

There is no need to do glory in your pain though you maybe an emo or so but there is a need to express depression in words, or lines, or verses or however you let emotion until you get pass it; otherwise, you can pretend it does not exist and you get consumed by it and you loose yourself whilst in the midst of the whirlwind and ask, "why so downcast oh my soul?"#

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