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Rain Causes Pain

In the midst of yet another downcast episode, when you contemplate the probability of loosing something, I feel that rain causes pain. Rain is about loosing something or someone. The pain is not gonna be felt due to the actual loss there is to come if it will really come. There is always a replacement you can find some place else for it. The pain is because of the mere fact that loosing something is painful while you go through the road of letting go.

I am sure that at the end of such sadness-stricken road, there is an imaginary pot of gold. I also hear all the bull shit that stepping all over the debris of whatever had remained from a broken world will have you learn the best lessons in life and makes you a better person. There are thing you do not become and you do not ideally understand when everything is flowing smoothly or so they say.

So setting aside all the positivity one can come up with in a crisis, question is would it have been better had you not have gone through the lion's den and let yourself be eaten whole to begin with?

Well, why bother when the damage is already done anyway? You just have to see it from another perspective. If the rain is not yet pouring, best be prepared like ants do. Yet when its already pouring, be not one who sulks in a corner crying over spilled milk, learn rather from it so it does not happen to you again or at least get an umbrella and cover yourself from the rain.

During the times when the rain still pours like it never stops and you feel like its acid melting you slowly what else is there to do than wait? You cannot stop the rain from pouring anyway although you know that rain causes pain. Just let it flood your world and have you suffer from all the aches and pains there is from it physically, mentally, emotionally or so.

It still goes back to the truth that it is not about the fact that rain causes pain or the rainbow after the rain. It is about the actual pain you go through while in the midst of the rain itself. At which time you can at least bite your lips so the pain becomes less.

This can be done by creating a distraction. Not so to forget all about it like drugs or beer or what not does, but to have something more worthwhile to do other than contemplating over your loss and killing yourself slowly or thinking of doing so.

In the end, there is no other distraction better than pondering upon the lessons that come from the rain and the reward there is at the end of the rain's rainbow when you have gone through it with flying colors.

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