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Maria Ozawa and the Diary of a Nymphomaniac

I wonder if Maria Ozawa is still active in the AV (adult video) business? I haven't read that section of her Wiki yet but I've seen this European movie about a nymphomaniac scribbling about her sexcapades in her diary.

The flick is very relevant in a seemingly morally declining (if you are a conservative type) society. Today is more than four decades after the Hippies era and yet we still see similar types of people with the same kind of disdain our great grandparents had over the so-called baby boomers of their time.

Speaking of grandparents, it does not feel believable that the nymph's grandma was the sort of a rebellious type as to not condone promiscuity like any other grandmother would. She was probably part of the 60's liberation herself. There is truth in her words though, of enjoying life as much as you can. This may include getting laid a lot more before you finally settle down with just one.

I commend those who remain faithful to their respective better or bitter halves after marriage yet the grandma's advise explains why some find the time to flirt and cheat even after matrimony. Most likely because they got involved too early in an exclusive relationship. This nympho psyche is what Maria Ozawa mentioned in her biography as the sole reason why she got in the AV business and I'm sure many others can relate with her in real life.

I first doubted if there was even a real nymph when I was watching the aforementioned movie but discovering all sorts of AV movies made me think twice. I'm sure there are a million more jobs available if they really wanted to get one. It's not always bigger pay that makes work more fulfilling anyway. Yet, AV stars exist. Nymph or not.

Maybe it's just culture that spells the difference. Europe for one even has these nude beaches where everyone is free to be bare naked. Japan on the other hand has AVs scattered literally everywhere even in convenience stores.

So much for sexually enjoying life though, for I've read a men's magazine's front page ironically talking about call center agents amongst those who bags the highest in HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection cases. The youngest documented sexually transmitted AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) death in the Philippines was a 28 years old from the line of work mentioned. That is one thing monogamy can be proud about. Unless it is a one way street exclusivity.

In spite of protests and efforts from different forms of society though from the religious sector to non-government organizations and even local government units, there seems to be no cure for this kind of itch. So instead of fighting against the water flow, the open minded ones will just heed the advice of many to go with the flow with a little discretion through condoms and choosing partners.

The latex thingies potency does not guarantee complete protection. Others also prefer the sensation felt without it. Choosing a partner for a one night stand may also not work since both men and women can always lie about the volume of their sexual activity.

This brings one back to monogamy again. Be it boring. One can always learn creativity from AVs just to spice up a monotonous sex life. Although on the contrary, AVs may actually make sex look like a routine. If you are faithful and old fashioned at the same time, I'm sure you will be contented with the same usual dinner sort of stuff. Yet for those whose inhibitions are killing them inside, read through these free lines and release your free minds.


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