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Jejemon Meaning in Comparison to Emo

(My thoughts on the Jejemon Phenomenon in the Philippines as well as jejemon meaning drafted last year, 2010)

Freaks me to even type "hehe" but it was not spelled as "jeje" anyway. I don't have excessive letter "h" in my text messages, i.e. "poh." They are not too short to the point of being miscomprehended. I don't add unnecessary numbers and characters. Thus, based on jejemon meaning and definition, I am certainly not a "jejemon." Neither am I a "jejebuster" nor a "jejefender."

Although most jejemons coincidentally are of the younger generation of texters, the shortening of SMS characters to save piso (making two pages compressed in one) is not new. Also, not all youngsters are jejemons and jejemon culture is certainly embraced by all walks of life from "tambays" to the working class, from the Yayabells to the Conyo, from the young to the younger, and so on.

It definitely is one of the most talked about these days even with the elections in progress. I love a Baguio band's catchy composition about jejemons that I saw in Facebook. It is called "Jejemon" of course and the band is Why Sopas. (YouTube Videos of Why Sopas' Jejemon embedded in the links).

I respect a person's individuality (after all why do I write free lines and why do I have a free mind if not?) even that of a jejemon. The only thing which pisses me off is the idea of comparing jejemons to emos. Although jejemon is starting to extend definition beyond faulty text spelling to the point that it is beginning to have its own fashion style, I disdain even the thought of emo being compared to it. Emo is a complete lifestyle and has set of beliefs which extends in music, fashion, culture, and so on. Based on the jejemon meaning mentioned above, there is no point of comparison between jejemon and emo, None. Nada.

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