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Love Versus The Feeling of Being in Love

the feeling of being in love
So what is the difference between love and the feeling of being in love? Read on. 

There are many who believe that love is merely an emotion you can control. It's a chemical reaction being stimulated by your brain. You feel it like any other regular emotion such as being sad or happy. Therefore, like any other emotion, you can control it; otherwise, it controls you.

The feeling of being in love I'd say may be described in the generic idea of what love is; physically or mentally: racing heart beat, blushing, tensed sweating, sexual urge if you want to include it, and the constant thinking and adoration. But since these are merely feelings you physically and emotionally feel, what difference is there between the so-called love and the regular feeling of what love is?

This is not about marriages and relationships that did not have the feeling of being in love when they started but let me include the thought of it here anyway. Not that I'm saying there is no such thing as love at first sight at all but if you think about it, most relationships which began with the feeling of having love thinks they are the epitome of what love is but what say you about those who never felt that feeling but ended up well together? Is it just something else other than love, like say, companionship, financial security or what not? So, if those who had the feeling of love which leads to love are for real, why would some break up anyway or one of the other goes astray looking for someone else?

So much for the debating ideas again, this may sound like as if I'm saying no human will ever be able to feel love and offer love and is just making love an excuse. But these are just my thoughts anyway, the feeling of being in love may or may not be love.

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